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  • Premieres Sunday March 15th at 9pm, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Cold Water Cowboys follows the action on fishing boats off the coast of Newfoundland through one intense fishing season.  This salty brotherhood from Canada’s most unique region faces swells as high as houses and icebergs the size of small cities as they fish for riches hundreds of miles offshore in the North Atlantic.  It’s a tough job—tough on boats, tough on gear, tough on the human body—but these bred-in-the-bone fishermen wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • Cold Water Gold: Go Hard, Go Fast
    Captain Richard Gillett is risking boat and crew to reach the rich crab grounds before his competition. But his strategy involves punching through miles and miles of ice, and Richard knows better than anyone how dangerous that can be back in 96 his boat struck an iceberg and sunk. As first mate on his dads boat, Conway Caines knows if they dont make money this season, theyre done. But Murphys Law has a hold of them and wont let go, with everything from sharks in the seine to disappearing capelin setting them back. Captain Paul Tiller has a small boat and an aging crew, so he knows hell have to work his butt off to get his crab for the year. But before hes caught a single crab, a rogue wave snaps his stabilizer in half and destroys his hopes for a strong start out of the gate. But if Paul were a quitter, he wouldnt be a fisherman.
  • Cold Water Gold: Outwit, Outsmart, Outplay
    Richard loves the thrill of fishing for herring and the hefty paycheque that comes with it. And while he can nab that allotment in just a single cast of the net, finding the herring is next to impossible, even for this seasoned expert. His maniacal hunger forces him to take a gamble that puts his entire season and livelihood of his crew at risk. Paul wants to beat other boats out to his favorite turbot spot. But hes got another reason to hurry. Paul has a friendly bet going with his "buddy boat," skipper Steve White of Brothers Legacy. The first back to port with the biggest turbot haul wins, and the loser has to clean the others boats washroom. Skipper Justin Bridger has a dream to take over the family business one day, but hes got a long way to go to prove himself to his father. Justin struggles to find a balance between being the boss and maintaining friendships with his crew of childhood pals. His only hope of gaining respect is by finding the elusive crab and putting money in the bank.
  • Cold Water Gold: It Ain't Over 'til It's Over
    An idealistic day of fishing takes a devastating turn for Richard when his tow skiff suddenly capsizes and becomes fully submerged under the boat. As the crew scrambles to recover the boat, they quickly realize a rare 10-thousand dollar piece of sonar equipment is busted, and they cant fish without it. But Richards ultimate test comes when the buyer for his beloved herring backs out. Conway hits bottom literally. Broke and desperate, the urgency to bank a huge haul of capelin forces him into troubled waters. The net they rely on to catch the fish becomes entangled on the ocean floor. Conway must pull himself together to patch up the net and the dwindling crew morale. After a week of shooting his gill nets blindly far out at sea, Paul has nothing to show for it. The turbot are nowhere to be found, and he has to compete with whales for the few that hes able to net. Heading home with nothing to show for it is not an option. But when a sudden storm surrounds them in the middle of the vast ocean, the entire crew is put to the ultimate test.
  • Cold Water Gold: Passing The Torch
    Richards profitable capelin seining season is finally here, but finding these elusive fish is easier said than done. Immense concentration is essential if Richard is to hit the jackpot. But with Richards 12-year-old son on board and struggling with severe seasickness, concentrating is no simple task. Turbot season has arrived for Conway, and for the first time ever, he will skipper the bruised and battered Sea Doo while his father is out with a back injury. Its the opportunity that Conway has been waiting for his whole life. But when he gets behind the wheel, things dont quite go as planned. Meanwhile, Justin and his crew are running against one gear issue after another, as they struggle to find enough shrimp to fill the hold. Morale quickly drops and Justin struggles to keep his exhausted and frustrated crew under control. Tempers flare and Justin has to pull it together to keep respect of the crew.
  • Cold Water Gold: Take It To The Limit
    For Richard, getting back at the hunt for herring proves near impossible. He needs to make up for a terrible season thus far and is hoping to turn a profit of $20,000 per day from here on in. While hunting turbot, Conways boat suffers severe damage and hangs by a thread. Despite this near fatal disaster, Conways maniacal need to find the fish pushes the crew to fish so hard, they literally risk their own lives. While most of the crew steps up to the gates of hell, greenhorn "Hurricane" Dave shows off his stormy side. Justin has nothing to show after a pathetic start to the shrimp season has drained the family coffers. To make matters worse, the crew has barely made any money this season and theyre beginning to lose respect for their skipper. After a full on fistfight breaks out on the deck, Justin is forced to take drastic measures.
  • Cold Water Gold: Holy Mackerel!
    It's the beginning of mackerel season in Newfoundland and all our fishermen want a piece of the action. Richard hunts hard, hoping to fill his boat with mackerel. Its hard enough to find this tricky fish when things go well, but Richard and his crew come up against one snafu after another, from malfunctioning sonar to a jammed skiff motor. Conway and his father Rick are also hoping to make some money catching mackerel in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But thats easier said than done. Deckhand "Hurricane" Dave pulls a death-defying stunt to save their light boat after it snaps off its rope, and new guy Shay nearly tears the seine to shreds. Skipper Donald Spence has just bought a new boat, and hes under enormous pressure to make a big payday off the mackerel fishery. But his new boat has a few nasty surprises in store for him, ultimately leaving him dead in the water drifting towards the rocky shore.
  • Cold Water Gold: Be Careful What You Wish For
    Its late fall, and the mackerel arent running at all on the northeast shore of Newfoundland. Fearful of losing his veteran crew, Richard has decided to take the biggest gamble of his career and head 200 nautical miles north to Labrador in search of the elusive and valuable fish. After laying down $10,000 on fuel and supplies, one of his most trusted crew members delivers crushing news the night before the big trip. The western shore has seen a small amount of mackerel, but not enough to keep Conway and his dad in the black. They cant afford the fuel and supplies it takes to search for mackerel much longer. Desperate to find fish, they ignore a gale-force storm warning and find themselves fighting for their lives. Its the last shrimp haul of the season, and Justin is hell bent on gaining the respect and admiration of his crew by putting fat paychecks in their hands. But his leadership is tested when a series of mechanical disasters puts all of their lives in jeopardy. If he doesnt think fast enough, he could lose everything hes worked for his entire life.
  • Cold Water Gold: Band of Brothers
    Donald is out to prove that he can stand up with the big boys. He races to Bonne Bay where reports of the biggest catches in memory are drawing in every boat in the region all fighting for a share of the catch and the cash. But with so many boats in one spot, Donald has to make sure they dont all beat him to the catch. For Conway and his dad, sparks are flying on the water. Its old school versus the young buck when father and son face off on how to hunt the herring. Richard is struggling to make enough money for the season since the profitable mackerel are scarce and fishing for herring is proving to be not much easier. But its the new greenhorn skiff man who might really sink Richards season.
  • Cold Water Gold: Hell of A Lot of Herring
    After a tough season, Conway is determined to hunt down herring. Everyone is bone-tired, and winter-like weather has pushed them to the limit. They need to survive a series of screw-ups and get some fish. Donald is out for high priced mackerel to pay off his boat and prove hes the best fisherman around. His rival, Todd Young, is also looking for mackerel, but Todd has the advantage of a fishing boat the size of a cruise ship. Richard is hurting after a lousy season. His shorthanded crew will have to use every trick in the book if they hope to catch 100,000 pounds of herring and sail back as winners.