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The longest, the tallest, the widest, the deepest, the roundest, the shiniest, the oldest, the newest, bridges, buildings, dams, pipelines, you name it, we’re talking structures.

Everything about them: from the ancient architectural triumphs such as the Colosseum in Rome, whose architects drained a lake the size of five football fields, to construct a spectacular arena with a 55,000 capacity for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles; to modern day marvels, such as the European-built Airbus 380, seven storeys high, 73 metres long, 80 metres from wingtip to wingtip and it can carry 555 passengers, it’s the largest commercial aircraft in history. We talk about the materials and methods used to construct them, from the ground up. We go to the very heartbeat of the modern metropolis to find out what keeps a modern city alive. What does the future hold? Who’s building what, where and when? We go in search of the answers.