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Find out how Atlantic convoys and brave sailors served and saved Britain during WWII.

As the rest of Europe fell to the Nazis, only the convoys of ships bringing vital supplies from North America kept Britain from surrendering. This four-part series follows the story of that Atlantic war, charting the turning tide of the campaign as U-boats and supply ships played a deadly game of cat-and-mouse on the ocean’s watery expanse. From the early success of the German submarines, to the escalating arms race and new techniques that saw the Allies fight back, find out how the Atlantic convoys and the brave sailors who served in them saved Britain.


  • Convoy - War For The Atlantic: Wolfpack Rising
    As Britain stands alone against Nazi Germany in 1940, packs of Nazi U-Boats threaten to bring Britain to her knees by targeting supply convoys.
  • Convoy - War For The Atlantic: The Hunt
    Still reliant on the all-important convoys across the Atlantic, British ships seek a way to strike back against their deadly foe, the U-boat.
  • Convoy - War For The Atlantic: Brink Of Defeat
    Eager to win the Battle of the Atlantic, Hitler sends his U-Boats to America in search of an easy prey. Can the Allies continue to hold on?
  • Convoy - War For The Atlantic: Death Blow
    With German U-Boats still prowling the North Atlantic, the Allies turn to new technology to give them the upper hand and secure their convoys.