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Each episode of this new incarnation of Dangerous Encounters will feature Brady Barr testing, measuring, and above all experiencing first hand a key attribute or ability of two target animals to find out which is strongest, spikiest, most painful, fastest, most powerful, most poisonous-the possibilities are endless.


  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Vacation Nightmares
    It's Americans' dream vacation - a week in a sub-tropical paradise like the Caribbean. But these ocean playgrounds harbor some seriously nasty critters. Brady plunges into the turquoise waters in search of nurse sharks, sting rays and other beasts of the beach - nothing can ruin your vacation like getting the razor sharp bill of a flying houndfish stuck in your neck! And don't think a round of golf makes for a safe alternative - as Brady tees off, he discovers the water hazards can be just that - a serious hazard!, with Morelet's crocodiles lurking. But if you keep your eyes open and use common sense, encountering these awesome creatures can become a vacation treat, instead of a holiday horror.
  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Bayou Beasts
    Dr Brady Barr has studied American Alligators for over 20 years, now he is on a mission to find another of America's alligators: the alligator snapping turtle. Alligator snapping turtles are one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world.1 Weighing several hundred pounds2 and armed with vice like jaws capable of dismembering their prey, the alligator snapper is a true prehistoric beast.3 But decades of commercial hunting have dramatically reduced their population.4 Do truly giant turtles still lurk in the waters of the Southeast? Brady is on a mission to find out.
  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Raging Bulls
    Join Brady Barr as he dives headfirst into the world of rodeo on a mission that might be his most dangerous yet. At first glance, bovines don't seem very intimidating. But surprisingly, these prey animals can pack a punch, injuring and sometimes killing a surprising number of people every year. Brady Barr wants to discover what the American bovines (cattle and bison) are capable of and to understand why they can be so dangerous. To do so he'll put himself in harms way through up close encounters with bison and a date a professional rodeo bull.
  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Pets vs. Predators
    Every day, millions of pet owners1 across the nation wake up, make a cup of coffee, and open the back door to let their pets out. Dr. Brady Barr wants to know: what happens when that door closes? From prickly porcupines to venomous reptiles, there's a gauntlet of wild animals that can injure, and even kill your pet. Brady's even seen some of these shocking encounters online. Home video and still photographs depict dogs covered with porcupine quills2, cats carried away by coyotes3, and pets with their heads swollen up like giant melons… survivors of rattlesnake bites.4 Brady heads to Phoenix Arizona where a milieu of lethal creatures wanders out of the desert and into residential neighborhoods. Brady responds to nuisance animal calls and conducts experiments with some of the most notorious pet threat offenders, in an effort to learn what can be done to protect pets from the dangers in their own backyard.
  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Phantom Killer
    There's a killer on the loose in central Florida. Brady has been called in to help find out what it is. Calves are disappearing into the night and Brady's old friend Lee Lightsey can't determine what's taking them. The list of predators is long in Florida: black bear, Florida panther, coyotes, and gators. Brady must put the clues together and find the killer before it strikes again. But nothing in Brady's long career can prepare him for what is next. An epic encounter with a giant gator. Armed only with what he finds in his car, and the help of his willing cameraman, Brady attempts to capture the rouge gator and prove that it is behind the calf killings.
  • Dangerous Encounters 7: Home Invasion
    Every year, we push deeper and deeper into the wild1, creating havoc for other species. But some are turning the tables-making their living not only in spite of us, but off of us. Every night, they raid our suburbs, our dumpsters, even our homes, and find more and more ingenious ways to turn our food2-into theirs. Dr. Brady Barr is on the hunt to track down these animals, discover their unique abilities, and test a few theories that just might keep them from becoming backyard bandits.