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  • Premieres Wednesday March 5th at 7:55 pm, 6:55pm BKK/JKT
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Italian-obsessed celebrity chef David Rocco is eating his way through India, combining ingredients and techniques from his beloved Italy with those he’s never experienced before.


  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Indian Vino
    David takes the road less travelled and finds a tranquil vineyard outside busy Mumbai that produces fine wine. The discovery inspires an Italian-Indian culinary adventure that includes succulent dishes like: Italian lamb spezzatino, garam masala risotto, shredded cabbage salad, schiacciata con luva, arancini and potato croquettes.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Weekend In Mumbai
    With a weekend to spend in Mumbai, David explores the city's vast and extraordinary food scene. From small traditional cafes to hip new restaurants, David is everywhere collecting and sharing recipes including a vegetarian carbonara, Indian carrot salad, melanzane spaccate, pasta con broccoli, and coconut curry shrimp.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Holi Gurudrwara
    David learns firsthand about the spirit of community in India when he visits Delhi's largest Sikh temple. Everyday the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib feeds 20,000 people of all faiths - without a head chef! The next day is Holi, the Hindu festival of colour, and David helps prepare a feast with exotic ingredients he has never seen before! David enjoys a Holi feast of Kashmiri chicken, pasta con ceci, vegetable pakoras, and a banoffee pie.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Warrior Chef
    David embarks on a remarkable culinary journey through Rajasthan and discovers that it's cuisine has been defined as much by the region's arid climate as by its traditional warrior culture. The experience is authentically guided by ChefAkshraj Jodha, a descendant of a Rajput royalty, and includes dishes like:laal maas, sprouted chickpea salad, Indian rice with curd and chili powder, and slow cooked mutton.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Chennai Express
    Davids comedian friends Mohan and Vidyu take him on a culinary tour of Chennais Tamil Nadu vegetarian culture, from a typical breakfast to a tour of a snack factory where they teach him how to make chutney.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Hauz Khas Village
    Hauz Khas Village in Delhi draws a young, trendy crowd and is known for its designer boutiques and small cafes. David meets Raavi and Robbie, half brothers who own the Flipside Café in Hauz Khas. Together they explore each others roots by sharing their favourite childhood recipes and other Italian classics.
  • David Rocco's Dolce India: Homesick Blues
    David finds a little slice of home in the kitchen of the ITC Grand Chola. David and executive Chef Massimo Gullotta spend the day indulging in Italian foods and customs, including a turbulent trip to sea to catch their own fish, followed by some hard bargaining at the fish auction.