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Deadly Jaws will bring you all the exciting stories behind those deadly jaws of dangerous predators.


  • Deadly Jaws: Shark Gangs
    An elite team of marine biologists set out to investigate why the waterways surrounding Sydney, Australia have become hunting grounds for some of the most dangerous shark species known to man. After three attacks in just three weeks, a wave of terror rises over the people of Sydney, whose waters are being haunted by great white, tiger, and bull sharks. Using an elaborate underwater surveillance system, Professor Vic Peddemors and Dr. Amy Smoothey are able to track the predators and reveal surprises about how close and how big the danger is for the millions who visit these shark-infested waterways.
  • Deadly Jaws: Lost Sharks of Easter Island
    This hour special begins with high seas adventure as shark expert Enric Sala and his team of scientists and explorers set out from Chile and brave the tempestuous Southern Pacific Ocean. First stop, Easter Island -a land of mammoth ancestral stone statues and a population of people with a cultural memory full of catastrophes. Diving underwater reveals an ocean desert that the team are quick to document.
  • Deadly Jaws: Saved by the Lioness
    Wildebeest are one of the lion's favorite meals. So a lion grabbing a calf isn't news. But lying down with the calf - that's not just news. It's a phenomenon…. Wildebeest move around a lot. In a typical year, a herd one million strong travels almost 2,000 miles in the never-ending search for greener pastures. It's the world's greatest land migration, and Nature's biggest drama. SAVED BY THE LIONESS offers a fresh way to see it: through the eyes of a newborn calf as it runs an obstacle course of hazards: cheetahs hyenas, crocodiles - and a lion that defies nature. Within moments of birth, our calf is seized by a lioness. What should be the end of the story is just the start. After eight tense hours, the lioness finally lets the calf go. But she's still in danger: she's alone. A calf separated from its mother will die within days. Our calf wanders alone through downpours and hostile herds. Then by sheer luck - a familiar sound. Mother and calf recognize each other, and reunite. Now they begin the epic drama of the Great Migration. They'll run a gauntlet of predators - only to reach a crocodile-infested river that must be crossed. For an adult wildebeest, this trek is a challenge; for a calf, it's an ordeal. SAVED BY THE LIONESS is more than the saga of a perilous journey. It's a story of a mother's bond ... a species' endurance …. and one extraordinary calf's breathtaking survival.
  • Deadly Jaws: Red Sea Jaws
    In December, 2010, the popular tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh hit the headlines when four swimmers were brutally attacked and one killed in a spate of unprecedented shark attacks. What had turned the warm safe waters of the Red Sea into a real life horror story? One witness describes the scenes: "It really was like a scene out of the film Jaws". With the help of forensic experts and shark scientists we ask if rogue sharks are to blame, or have practices in the tourism industry led to these tragedies?
  • Deadly Jaws: Sharks In The City
    The Gold Coast resort in Australia has an issue that few other cities have to contend with - sharks in the suburbs. Each year there are increased reports of Bull Shark attacks. Scientist Jonathan Werry believes the answer begins with a better understanding of the shark itself. Internationally, research scientist Greg Stunz follows tagged Bull Sharks in Corpus Christi, Texas…