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  • Premieres Thursday, July 15th at 9pm SIN/HKT, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Diamonds in the Sand (4 x 30’) 
Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to complete the first ever bicycle journey down the Skeleton Coast where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. On the fringe of the Namib Desert lies the Skeleton Coast. It is the Holy Grail in Exploration. No-one has ever completed the entire length in an unbroken line before. Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to be the first. Her thousand-mile journey sees her enduring some of the most inhospitable terrains and the harshest climates on the planet, in one of Africa’s most remote and spectacular regions.


  • Diamonds in the Sand: The Land that God Made in Anger
    After intense preparations, Kate travels through Namibia’s heartland to reach the start at the Kunene River mouth. Setting off, Kate is exposed to the fierce elements and the unknown. The treacherous Skeleton Coast, notorious for wrecking ships and beaching whales, soon takes its toll.
  • Diamonds in the Sand: Survival of the Fittest
    Anxiety builds as Kate enters the vast range of Namibia’s desert-adapted lions. South of Mowe Bay, the first point of human habitation on her journey, Kate summons the courage to push through lion territory in the face of fear. Heart pounding, she keeps her eyes peeled for potential threats.
  • Diamonds in the Sand: A Fortress of Shifting Sands
    Reaching Swakopmund, an old German port, Kate visits one of Namibia’s most horrifying slums. Further south, she enters the Namib Sand Sea, a seemingly impenetrable 320 mile barrier of shifting sands and becomes lost. After exploring the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck, unforeseen challenges arise.
  • Diamonds in the Sand
    Kate battles some of the highest sand dunes on Earth. She explores towns steeped in diamond mining history, before entering the Sperrgebiet forbidden area, locked to outsiders for over a century. Nearing the end of her journey, Kate discovers Namibia’s most mysterious town, Oranjemund.