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  • Premieres Saturday September 6th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Die Trying is a documentary series about six high-risk, high-reward expeditions that test the capacity for determined men and women to conquer unprecedented scientific and human challenges.  Crisscrossing the globe from the frozen Alaskan arctic to a fiery crater in a Turkmen desert, Die Trying presents unforgettable stories and characters pushing themselves to their absolute limits for the chance to bring groundbreaking knowledge to the world’s attention, for the very first time.


  • Die Trying: Great White Ambush
    A team of shark experts, anchored by shark scientist Dr. Taylor Chapple and veteran wildlife filmmaker Andy Casagrande, venture off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa to Shark Alley. The team hopes to mount data loggers and camera tags on the back of these dangerous predators in order to, for the first time ever, scientifically document the complete profile of a great white shark during its explosive breach. Their data will help solve the mystery of how this apex predator can violently launch through the water's surface by clocking its maximum burst speed, angle of attack, and tail beat frequency, all while marrying it to never before seen shark perspective footage. With limited time and the inherent risks of getting up close to this prehistoric, razor-toothed predator, the team battles continuous obstacles that jeopardize their ability to accomplish the mission. Unrelenting storms, failure-prone equipment, and the constant threat of losing a limb put them to the ultimate test. Will they be the first to capture the breach shot and the necessary data to complete the mission, or will they go home empty handed?
  • Die Trying: Polars vs. Grizzlies
    National Geographic Channel follows an intrepid team of bear experts as they search for a living example of what they call a Superbear, a hybrid polar-grizzly bear. Climate change and the resulting competition for limited resources are bringing the giant polar bear and the aggressive grizzly bear into closer contact. These fearless experts will stake out a bear-infested feeding ground with their state of the art night visions cameras in an attempt find and film a living Superbear.
  • Die Trying: Crater of Fire
    Daredevil scientific explorer George Kourounis and his team of climbing experts and scientists travel halfway around the world to tackle a descent into Turkmenistan's methane-burning Darvaza crater. George's mission is to collect samples from the base of the fiery pit in order to find out if the inferno is capable of harboring extreme life forms. Will George collect the precious samples and escape to safety? Or will the flames overpower him, putting his life, and the lives of his entire team, in jeopardy?
  • Die Trying: Yosemite Death Climb
    National Geographic Channel follows an extreme rock climber as he attempts to set a record by free soloing a trio of harrowing cliffs without any safety lines. One of climbing's most decorated prodigies, Alex Honnold, must scale the face of Yosemite's Triple Crown, Mt. Watkins, The Nose and the Regular Half Face of Half Dome in less than 24 hours. It is a route that totals almost 7000 feet of sheer cliff where one slip means certain death.
  • Die Trying: Crossing The Ice
    National Geographic Channel follows a pair of daring Australian adventurers as they risk their lives on a journey to the South Pole. Despite having never been on skis before, the team sets out to establish the record for an unsupported journey from the shores of Antarctica to the pole and back. Along the way, they battle extreme weather conditions, suffer through excruciating physical demands and race against another adventurer trying to set the record.