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In this season, Cesar works with singer Patti Labelle and her fearful guard dog Nasir, helps actress Virginia Madsen to pick out a new pooch, and tames a dyed-pink Maltese names Kisses who wets the carpet. Each episode of Dog Whisperer documents the transformations that take place under Cesar's guidance by helping dogs and their owners achieve happier lives together.


  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Amber, Snoopy And Schroeder
    Alone with them, she is everything they could have hoped for - loving, gentle, and great with people - but when it comes to other dogs, Amber only sees red. She perches herself in the Beers' living room, waiting in predator mode for dogs to pass by the window. On walks, she is a terror, barking and tearing after neighborhood dogs that cross her path. Peter and Barbara are both mild mannered and can't seem to control their high-strung Golden Retriever mix. Her relationship with composer Andrew Ross hit a sour note when Snoopy began expressing his distaste for Andrew's music by barking, howling, and scratching Andrew's guitar. It is impossible for Andrew to compose on his guitar when the dog is around. Snoopy also had a knack for charging other dogs with the intent of attacking them. Having been previously neglected, the dog came with plenty of issues that gave Lucy headaches; among them: aggression in the car, aggression toward any other dog while on the leash and separation anxiety. He refuses to eat or drink when Lucy's away, and when put out on the porch, he'll drool and shake at the window.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Biker Dog
    On a large lot of farmland in rural Nebraska, Buster, an eight-year old Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix, is supposed to play the role of alarm dog for Justin and Aimee Burch and their son. Unfortunately, Buster does his job a little too well. Buster's over protective behavior started with him attacking the mail man, then progressed to aggression toward any type of delivery or service person. On Labor Day three years ago, Renee was jogging and felt something bump into her leg - it was Holli, an American Staffordshire Terrier. It was three years later, when owners Craig and Renee almost lost Holli the same way. Actress Virginia Madsen and 11-year old son Jack recently suffered a loss in their family - Dixie, a 14-year old shepherd mix. Dixie had been the perfect pet until she started fighting with other dogs and running away, so Virginia sought Cesar's help with Dixie's rehabilitation.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Calvin, Rudy And Milo
    While Calvin is great with the children and wonderful to have around the house, he has a couple issues that make him a little difficult to live with. He is terrified of strangers, particularly male, and tries to escape the house whenever the Nuss's leave. He opens doors and has even jumped through glass windows to find his owners. As soon as Mary and Mark took up the hobby of motorcycle riding, however, trouble began to brew. The moment that Rudy sees Mary putting on her boots to get ready to ride, he starts to get agitated and begins barking incessantly. He will manically run laps around the room, jumping on and over anything in his way. Rudy also attacks the muffler of the motorcycle, which can be dangerous when the muffler gets hot. Suddenly Milo didn't obey his owners. The ranch is 2 ½ acres of unfenced property and every time Tanii lets him out, it's a chore to get him back. And to top it off, he chases the horses. He's been kicked by the horses more than once and taken to the vet, but even hasn't stopped him. Now at 16 months, Milo's herding instincts have expanded from herding horses to herding cars.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Chuy, Jack And Carmine
    Jacy's Mastiff/Pit mix Emma began developing dog aggression after the death of his other pet. Mac, Audrey's Pit/Boxer mix, is aggressive to humans whether inside the apartment or out. Jacy has been a victim of Mac's more than once. Mary's American Staffordshire mix Sadie is randomly aggressive on leash towards other dogs. Mary avoids the other tenants and their dogs whenever she can. Pit/Pointer mix Rune and Husky mix Kasha belong to Marni. Rune has severe dog aggression to other dogs besides Kasha. The dogs got along beautifully until about five months ago. Jack and Carmine got into a terrible brawl, and ever since then, the dogs have been mortal enemies. Daniel wants to be able to play with all three dogs at the same time, but he feels that Carmine is the instigator and the root of the entire problem. Cesar comes in to rearrange the upper management of this business savvy family.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Dasher, Riley And Fosse
    Dasher often becomes fixated on his toys and bones, guarding them from anyone who comes near. Dasher has bitten Shannon several times, and Shannon fears playing with Dasher because of has extreme mood swings. The Benecke's are ready for a change. Like most dogs, Riley has a grudge against the mailman, but she's also developed a taste for skateboarders and other dogs. Jessica and Sean walk him daily, but even though Sean is a weight trainer and Jessica a life coach, neither one of them can control Riley. Riley has already bitten someone, and Jessica is worried that if she can't control Riley on the walk, someone may be seriously hurt. Not only does he hate Daphne's deodorant and hair dryer, he has become completely out of control around the iron and ironing board. Daphne thought this behavior was cute at first, but once he started to attack the electrical cord, she became fearful for his safety.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Dexter And Nasir
    Dexter joined Mary Jane, her boyfriend, and their other dog Marnie in the Windy City. That's when the troubles began. Dexter spins and barks when ever they encounter dogs, bikes, rollerbladers, skateboarders, and runners on their walks. Mary Jane is constantly on the lookout to prevent a potential fight. She even hides in alleys and behind cars to avoid these confrontations. Mary Jane has even become fearful of her own dog, which has prompted Dexter to start biting her. Patti showered Nasir with affection as a puppy, but as he grew bigger and more aggressive, she began to fear him. Nasir has chased Ms. LaBelle off her own patio and broken through a screen door to get at her. He is dominant over doorways, toys, and food when other dogs are around. Susan Rosetti, Patti's senior dog handler, called every Boerboel rescue organization to find Nasir a home but everyone recommended euthanizing him. Susan placed him in three different homes but every time the people returned him because they couldn't handle his aggression. Susan is willing to take Nasir if he can be integrated successfully into her own pack.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Dingo Dilemma
    From the time they brought Sophie home, there were problems. Sophie would attack and bite Riley over food, treats, or any attention from Crystal and John. Sophie's jealousy turns to rage and has sent Riley to the vet on more than one occasion. In the beginning, the puppy was calm and patient during vet visits. But after Betty moved to California to live with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Aussi wanted nothing to do with the vet's office. She became increasingly more difficult with each visit. Betty has tried three different vets, private training, and a variety of obedience classes, but to no avail. Aussi has now developed an aggression towards other dogs. Poodle mix Lulu is the "first child" of Jeffrey Palmer and Ace Champion, but she acts like the baby. Lulu is continuously possessive of Jeffrey - and the addition of two other dogs into the family hasn't helped.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: The Dominator
    They also play on a local softball team, and would like to bring Debbie's Australian Shepherd, Joe, to the games with them. However, the first time Debbie took one- year old Joe to the field was a disaster. He broke his leash and chased Debbie as she was rounding the bases. A trainer advised her to wait another year to bring Joe back to the field, but that was even more of a nightmare. Over the past three years, a total of 25 foster dogs have been in their care. They currently care for five dogs - Rico, Roxy, Lou, Solomon, and Penny. Beagle mix Penny has proven to be more of a problem than they've ever had to deal with before. Lashing out and barking at any passerby, her anxiety spreads to the rest of the pack, creating dog hysteria on the bustling downtown LA streets. Every time they have to go to the vet, it's an ordeal. At ninety pounds, it's not easy to hoist her up. Once in the car, she'll shake and her bowels will literally explode - all over the back seat. Unfortunately, Promise must make regular visits to the vet due to her bad hips.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Gracie & ME
    She dominates the entire office, going where she pleases and asserting herself over whomever she wants. Big Boy belongs to Jillian Leeman, the Business Sales Manager for Paul Frank Industries. Bog Boy fixates on his toys and is dog aggressive. It's gotten to the point where Jillian can't bring Big Boy to work anymore. Gracie simply refuses to come when called. She has free reign of their large yard in Pennsylvania, but when its time to come in, only food can grab her attention. Gracie has also wined and dined on one of the Grogans' pet chickens, Liberace. The family's chickens now have to be put in a coop, whereas before they could roam where they pleased and eat the bugs from their garden.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Hope, Chloe And Sam
    The volunteers, including founder Laura Sandoval, rescue the dogs that have a good chance of getting a new home in the States, spay or neuter them, and bring them back to the U.S. Cesar Millan joins the brave volunteers of United Hope for Animals in their mission to rescue these stray pets, and to educate the citizens of Tijuana about the serious problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats in Mexico. Maureen's mother Wendy never felt that Chloe respected Maureen, but instead treated Maureen like her own puppy. Chloe will often take things from Maureen's hands and "taunt" her. While on walks with Wendy, Chloe obeys; however, with Maureen, Chloe goes where she wants and pulls on the leash, often knocking Maureen from her walker. If people try to greet Maureen in the house or on the street, Chloe will bark and nip at them. Wendy would like Cesar to teach Maureen how to gain Chloe's respect, so she can become a real service dog, as intended.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: The Howling
    If Shelby pets any of the dogs, they will fight each other vying for Shelby's attention. They are extremely dog aggressive, barking like mad at dogs that should pass outside the window. Hope is very unpredictable and often targets larger dogs. Ben and Michelle love their Lab mix, Jasper and French bulldog, Fondue - but don't want to kennel them when they're gone. When they tried Doggy Day Care, however Fondue failed the test miserably. Fondue is seriously dog-aggressive and can't be left alone. Everything began fine, but a month and half after Elmer's arrival, he began incessantly howling on their walks. Whenever they encounter another dog, Elmer moves into his painful performance. Henry and Brian are embarrassed to walk him and often create a regime to alert each other of oncoming dogs. They are also afraid that someone will think they are abusing their dog.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Kill Or Be Killed
    In the beginning, Diane liked the fact that Cotton was a bit of watchdog, but it wasn't long before he had taken that role too far. Cotton attacks windows and doors when people pass by outside, and has already destroyed the Kreiger's home's beautiful woodwork. But the real trouble comes when the carpool arrives to pick the children up for school; Cotton attacks their backpacks and chases them around the driveway, sending fear into the carpool driver and the other kids. But when Stefanie brought home a 5 month old Corgi she named Jordan, Ricky's aggression began to emerge. Ricky gets aggressive and extremely jealous around Jordan. Ricky and Jordan will play all day long, but if another dog comes near the Corgi pup, peaceful Ricky will become red-zone aggressive.. Amy will clap her hands and make loud noises, but nothing seems to deter the ferocious canine. Everything was going well until one day at the dog park, a dog came out of no where and attacked her. Since then, Lila has taken on the mantra, "kill or be killed." Vet bills have been piling up due to Lila's attacks on other dogs. Duke, on the other hand, used to be friendly with other dogs, but has now taken up Lila's aggressive behaviors. Jeri walks the dogs a half hour every morning and they have a long run for about an hour every night, but the neighborhood has become a danger zone.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Kobe, Banjo And Kisses
    Just three days after the Hoffman family had brought him home, Australian Shepherd puppy Kobe got into a tragic accident and lost his eye. That was five years ago, but ever since then, Kobe's aggressive behavior has escalated. At two years of age, black and tan coon hound, Banjo, had just spent six months in an animal testing lab, an isolated, sterile environment where his only human contact was a technician with a syringe who came to draw his blood. Judging by her name, Kitten K. Sera sounds like she'd be a "cat person", but it took a Maltese named Kisses to win her heart. When Kitten walks Kisses, it's not uncommon for people to stop and take their picture - because Kitten's dyed her tiny dog cotton-candy pink.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Mad Maya
    It's on these walks, that Maya's other problem arises. If any small animal happens to be nearby, Maya will bolt toward the animal, causing a whiplash motion for Diana. Since Diana recently had major neck surgery, this jolting motion could prove dangerous to her. The two dogs get along great, but it's when visitors come to call that Sara turns into a nightmare.. Gina's mother Monna often stops by, and Sara will bark and try and nip at Monna, especially when she turns to leave. Sara once lunged at and bit a UPS man. Gina often finds herself putting Sara away when she has guests because she worries for their safety. She became so bothersome that people stopped wanting to come to Tami and Adam's home. If anyone should pass through their front door, Lilly would be all over them, jumping, nipping, and nudging them for attention. When small children come over - and the Kusleika's have an assortment of adorable cousins, nieces and nephews - Lilly pushes them around and tries to herd them.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Mail Carriers vs. Dogs
    On Bonnie's path, she meets up with lunging dogs, growling dogs, barking dogs, and the infamous, "Don't worry he doesn't bite" dogs that every mail carrier fears. Cesar makes a special delivery to the Roswell Post Office and gives some tips to the city's postal workers. Two years later, Katie and Carlos purchased Wally, another Pomeranian from the same breeder. The Warners hoped that Wally would help fix Woody's separation anxiety, but it only made the problem escalate. Wally's separation anxiety was even worse than Woody's; so much so that whenever Katie or Carlos leave a room, both dogs go crazy. The Warners also have problems in the car. If one of them leaves the car to pump gas, the dogs will bark and spin and attack each other. After six months, Rob and Diana started to notice that whenever they would pet or touch Kane when he ate, he would growl. They consulted with a dog trainer and attempted many different techniques to cure Kane of this offensive behavior. They took away his food. They put their hands in the food. They would feed Kane by hand and then gradually put food into the bowl while touching him. They put a leash on Kane and would pull him back from his food bowl when he growled.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Molly, Jane And Genoa
    Molly first started biting at the tires on Mark's pickup truck. Then, she would chase the truck down the driveway, snapping at the tires, until one day, she caught the tire, her teeth stuck, and she and flipped over. But losing some teeth didn't faze Molly; she progressed to the bigger tires found on the farm's tractors and combines….with tragic results. Jane won't walk. Jane is now seven and a half years old and still won't walk outside. It seems that anything can frighten her. If the wind blows the wrong way or an object floats around in the breeze, it's enough to turn Jane into stone. She will not budge. Jane will only go in the backyard of their Chicago home. The problem began when Dan would use his air compressor in the garage. But, it didn't stop there. Genoa's anxiety escalated to the point where Dan doesn't even have to turn on the air compressor. He merely has to enter the garage to send Genoa rampaging through the house trying to find a place to hide.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Rocco And Hootie
    If Lotus is sitting in Julie's lap and Chari walks by, he will growl and snap at her viciously. If Chari is sitting on the couch with Julie and Lotus gets in Julie's lap, he will try to bite Chari. Lotus has bitten Chari's face more than once and she has even been to the hospital and received stitches because of Lotus's aggression towards her. However, when Julie is not around, Lotus is very friendly with Chari. He will sit in her lap, lick her face, play catch, and eat bones in her lap. Then as soon as Julie retunrs, Lotus becomes a monster once again. When the Smiths are away, Rocco and the rest of the dogs often spend time with Cesar's pack at the Dog Psychology Center. And when the Smiths are home, Rocco and his pack roam the hills of the Smith property with their dog-walker. On May 12th during a routine hike, Rocco and the pack encountered a rattlesnake. Rocco killed the snake, but was severely bitten on the neck in the process. Rocco was rushed to an emergency vet, where he was given three bottles of anti-venom. He spent a total of twelve days in the animal hospital and received a blood transfusion to aid in his recovery. The tension between neighbors has increased, since Pam's dogs began barking incessantly whenever the Bryson kids play in the backyard.,. Hootie has also jumped the fence in efforts to chase the Bryson kids on more than one occasion. The Brysons are concerned for their safety and Pam is worried she might have a lawsuit on her hands.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Skyler, Cassie And Tori
    Tallulah is a compulsive jumper. She is very attached to Lynn and gets upset if anyone takes attention away from her - including the vacuum cleaner and mop. Once Tallulah starts, the rest of the clan joins in, and fights often ensue. Lynn would love to have one or two of her dogs certified for pet therapy work but she can't because of the dogs' behavior problems. Cesar jet sets to New York City to help Lynn rehabilitate her pack of dogs. After about a year, the Sassers decided to try and solve the problem with some playmates for Tori, two more Miniature Schnauzers - littermates Cassie and Skyler. However, Tori's spinning didn't sit well with the new additions to the family. Whenever Tori begins her whirling routine, Cassie and Skyler attack her, sometimes cornering her under the desk or in a back room. He is sweet and loving with the staff of the vet's office, but should clients walk by his room, he responds with fierce growls and warning barks. Howie is also a regular blood donor and needs to be weighed often, but Howie's irrational fear of the scale makes that almost impossible. The ladies of the Animal Hospital call in Cesar to help them remove Howie's aggression and introduce him into the world.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Bodhi, Maggie & Molly, And Bojo
    Now two and a half years old, their son Troy has become an occasional target for Bodhi and Sarah and Alan are worried for his safety. They have even resorted to muzzling the dog in his presence. The Roths hired a professional trainer who used positive reinforcement, but that didn't help at all - Bodhi bit one of the neighbors while trying to "protect" Troy. Wally and Harriet quickly became deeply attached to Molly and Maggie, but troubles soon arose. The two Maltese have since become very territorial, so much so that the caregivers at Wally and Harriet's retirement hotel are afraid to come near them in their room or in the halls. Maggie has even bitten a couple of the workers at the home, and the manager said that if the dogs bite one more person, they will have to be banned from the residence. One day, Bojo was chewing on a ball in the house. Donna picked it up and put it on a table. Hours later, Tippy walked by the table and Bojo flew off the couch and attacked her. Bojo's aggression - especially ove food - quickly escalated.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Titan, Candy And Bella
    Now four years later, the six year old, 120 pound Rottweiler is a bit unpredictable. Titan sometimes displays aggression to strangers when they try to touch him. He is also aggressive when people turn away from him when he smells or nudges them. If strangers ignore him, Titan will leave them alone, but Julie and Bo want to trust Titan and not be afraid of people approaching or touching him. The family always accepted Candy's quirky behavior until after the family returned from a trip to Italy, when a sour side of Candy suddenly appeared. Candy started trying to bite and attack Gianna. When Julie is in the kitchen and Gianna comes in, Candy will go after her. When Gianna tries to sit or lie next to Julie, Candy will bite and attack her. Bella is continually terrorizing FoFo. Bella always wants to play, but the elderly cat would rather take catnaps in the sun. When the rambunctious puppy sees the fluffy feline, she tears after her - stopping at nothing until she reaches the cat. It's been two months now, and fearful FoFo has retreated to the back of her kitty condo. Michael and Janeen want their formerly social cat to get along with the new dog so that the four of them can enjoy each other's company.
  • The Dog Whisperer 3: Wilshire And Butch
    Recently rescued from near-death at a pound, the Firehouse 29 members had good intentions when they took in the spotted pup, but it wasn't long before the hyperactive Dalmatian was running the firehouse. Texans Chap and Amy Reed saw an ad for Butch, an English Bulldog, in their local newspaper. He had recently been attacked by two dogs and his wounds were infected. It took two months for the Reeds to nurse Butch back to health. After another two months, their former convalescent turned fiercely aggressive.