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Dog Whisperer starts with a splash as we follow the progress of a water-absessed Labrador. Plus, Cesar has his hands full with a pooch with performance anxiety and a leg chomping Chihuahua. It's a season premiere you can really sink your teeth into.


  • Dog Whisperer 2: Animal Killer, Spin Poodle Spin, Munching Matilda
    Can Cesar help the Covenys curb the skateboard obessing English bulldog Matilda, stop attacking Conveny's neighbour?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Attack of The Jindo, Insane Dane And Buford's Blin
    Can Cesar help the Boxer Buford to find the right bride and help the dog getting away from the depression?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Katrina Dogs, Canine Confidential, The Chow Hound
    Can Cesar rehabilitate Cheri's three most traumatized and unstable dogs with finding original owners or new homes for them?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Buddy The Biter, Rottie Pups, Country Dog, Scaredy
    Two Rottie Pups showed another side of their personality after adopted. Can Cesar trained them back to their owner's cutest babies?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Soggy Doggy, Raging Bandit, Spooked Hootie
    Livingston's family dog Brady was obessed with the pool and water splashing. Can Cesar help Livingston family dog to be obsession dry off at last?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: The Pug And The Pig, Too Much Cinnamon, Scared She
    Can Cesar disarm the leg broken Daschund, the aggressive and fearful dog, and turn it into a harmonious mixture of Mary Jo's family?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Dog Park, Sparky The Service Dog
    With a Doberman Duke and a Pomeranian princess ruling the dog park, can Cesar teach Karen and Emily to be the true pack leaders?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Horrible Min Pin, Brat Pack, Drag Dog
    A miniature pinscher Chip developed a grudge against family members and visitors. Can Cesar trained him back to a perfect puppy ?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Spike In The Heart, School For Shelties, Can This
    Once Patricia accepted Tylers proposal, she knew she had to get Tyler and her lab/pitbull mix Wendell together.Can This Marriage be Saved?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Persistent Pasha, Pregnant Cosmo, TV Dog
    All hell broke loose when husband and wife put their dogs together. Can Cesar calm the dogs and save the owner's marriage ?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: The Battle For Eppie, The Lady Is A Tramp, Snoopy
    There are no age limit between friends. Discover how Snoopy the beagle puppies and a nine year old Chihuahua get along in the family.
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Katrina Dogs Part 2, Major Jones, Hardwood Hell
    With Veterinarian Dr. Debra Oliver help in treating the dogs rescued from Hurricane Katrina for free, can Cesar rehabilitate three rescued dogs?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Laker Dog, Spoiled Pom, Bad Bearz
    Two Pomeranian dogs Gucci and Prada got very sick, resulting in the death of Gucci. Can their owners remain strong and shower Prada with affection?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Greta & Hoss, Won't Eat Dog, Global Pet Finder
    A Newfoundland puppy Storm grown into a massive bear without increasing it's appetite. Can Cesar help the Blatti family to whet their dog's appetite?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Pups On Parole, Desert Bull Dogs
    "Pups on Parole" progrme was launched to rehabilitate dogs and prisoners. Discover how it works at the maximum security prison of Nevada.
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Jumping Min Pins, Rock Dog, Music Maddy
    Two aggressive min pin siblings Vicky and Taz had already bitten four people. Can Cesar save Maria and Steve's home business ?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Bikini, Fella, Winston & Oliver
    Tom is worried that their dog ,Winston is becoming neurotic but he doesn't know what to do. Will Cesar be able to garnish Winston’s destructive nature?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Drop It Sugar!, Three's A Crowd, The Other Woman
    Ray and Linda are worried for the safety of the family as Linda failed to take her dog, Sugar for a run. Can Cesar take Sugar off her own sugar high?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Cesar's Toughest Cases
    Follow us to see several toughest cases in Cesar's twenty years experiences as the best dog whisperer.
  • Dog Whisperer 2: The Power Of The Pack
    Cesar Milan’s Dog Psychology Center is a home and refuge to dogs.Join us to witness some memorable moments and experience the power of the pack.
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Kobe, Banjo And Kisses
    Australian Shepherd puppy Kobe was getting aggressive by a tragic accident 5 years ago. Can Cesar heal the pain of Kobe and save the family?
  • Dog Whisperer 2: Buster, Holli, Spike And Belle
    Actress Virginia Madsen sought Cesar’s help as her shepherd mix, Dixie started fighting with other dogs.