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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Monday 3rd Dec at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Character driven series about ordinary people who go to extraordinary means to prepare for a natural, man-made or space bourne threat to the planet.  Big personalities, amazing hoarding of equipment, food and supplies and a scientific eye added to see how likely the event will take place, and if they are in fact prepared enough if and when it strikes.   Two people/families per hour...extreme personalities and incredible preparation plans and facilities...these are PREPPERS.


  • Doomsday Preppers 2: Am I Nuts Or Are You?
    In the second episode of the season, we meet another eclectic group of preppers, all of whom are taking extreme measures to ready themselves for the end of the world. We profile Jason Beacham, a fifteen-year-old boy from a small town in Missouri who has been prepping since age eleven. Jason fears anarchy following economic collapse and is using his money to stock up on weapons and food. Big Al is a musician based in Nashville, Tennessee, who has a secret bug-out location in the mountains of the west. He fears a nuclear attack from Russia and has built an underground bunker that will protect him from nuclear fallout. Braxton Southwick is a former professional racer who lives with his wife and their six children in a suburb outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is prepping for a biological terrorist attack.
  • Doomsday Preppers 2: Bad Times All The Time
    We profile three more preppers and their families who are preparing for various scenarios that they believe will be the end of the world. We meet Bryan May, a small business owner who lives in Indiana with his wife and young son. He is prepping for a New Madrid earthquake, which he fears will leave much of the United States submerged underwater. He has already begun to barter for goods in preparation for his belief that the dollar will lose its value in a doomsday situation. Jay Blevins is a former law enforcement officer who lives with his family in small town Virginia and is preparing for a global economic crisis. He fears that social unrest will erupt and has found creative ways to protect his family, including his own recipe for homemade pepper spray. Brian Murdock is a real estate broker living in Somerville, Massachusetts who believes that World War III is imminent. He has purchased a ten-acre plot of land in upstate New York where he plans to bug-out in a motorhome with his new fiancé.
  • Doomsday Preppers 2: Taking From The Haves
    We are introduced to three more preppers who are readying themselves and their families for various doomsday scenarios. We meet Jeff Bushaw, a full-time prepper in Vancouver, Washington, who fears the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano. He plans to bug-out and is even taking flying lessons to ensure that he and his family will be able to reach their bug-out location. Allen and Franco are neighbors living in Missouri who are both preparing for a breakdown of the world food system following an economic collapse. They have each built their own aquaponic systems and maintain gardens and greenhouses in order to create a self-sustainable lifestyle. John Adrain is a successful inventor living in the Pacific Northwest who fears a wide range of disasters. He is focusing on security preps and has turned his idyllic estate into a technological fortress, complete with shatterproof windows and a military-grade gate.
  • Doomsday Preppers 2: You Can't Let Evil Win
    We profile three American families who have drastically altered their lifestyles in order to survive what they fear will be the end of the world. Johnny O. is a husband and father of two who lives with his wife and her twin sister in rural Pennsylvania. They fear terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants and are prepping with the rule of 3-always having backups for their backups. Wilma and Gary Bryant live with their children and granddaughter on a farm in Missouri and are anticipating a series of F5 tornadoes. They are building an underground Noah's Ark for their animals and stockpiling insulin for Wilma and her daughter, who both suffer from diabetes. Robert Earl and his wife are a retired couple who fear the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. They have relocated from Florida to a remote desert area of Texas and are building a self-sustainable property for themselves and their twenty-one dogs.
  • Doomsday Preppers 2: You've Got Chaos
    We meet another group of unique preppers who are readying themselves and their families for the end of the world. We profile Bob Kay, a nutritional scientist living in Southern California who fears a massive earthquake will cause unprecedented destruction to the environment. He has planted hundreds of edible plants on his property and has begun training his twelve-year-old daughter in self-defense tactics. We profile Ryan Croft, a former U.S. Air Force man in Asheville, North Carolina, who fears a global financial crisis. Among his preps, he is cultivating alternative food sources like algae and earthworms to ensure his family's survival. We meet Josh Wander, an Orthodox Jewish father and local politician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is preparing for a terrorist attack. He is stockpiling kosher foods and educating the community about prepping.