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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Friday March 7th at 7:55pm, 6:55pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


Malaysian Chef Wan comes to the UK in a "pimped out" Winnebago complete with a professional kitchen to overhaul British diets and take on traditional dishes with his eastern ingredients and techniques. His intention is to show how meals can be made less fatty with more taste while costing less. In each episode he will "find" a shopper in a market and supplement the ingredients they have bought with ones he approves of. He will then join this shopper in their home to teach them how to cook more healthily. Chef Wan will also make dishes from his Winnebago with which he will challenge British staples like porkpie and potato leek soup. The winner of these competitions will be determined by taste-testing in a market setting. Each episode will also feature a segment on a staple Malaysian ingredient as shot on location in Malaysia (ex: durian, turmeric, lemongrass).


  • East Bites West: Totnes
    Chef Wan tours England to prove his asian-style cooking is healthier, quicker, and cheaper than caloric processed foods. In forward-thinking Totnes, Chef Wan must convince a sauce-lover to make his own waves and goes head-to-head with a local burger joint by preparing a spicy potato and minced meat dish.
  • East Bites West: Salisbury
    Chef Wan brings his asian cuisine to one of England's market towns where he will convince a cheese-loving German to go fresh and challenges the local favorite pork cracklings with a spicy chicken and minced meat stew.
  • East Bites West: Plymouth
    In the maritime city Chef Wan teaches a woman engaged to a pizza fanatic how to make a salad with shrimp paste and challenges the local favorite half-yard hot dog with thai ginger beef sarnie.
  • East Bites West: Falmouth
    In the seaside town of Falmouth Chef Wan teaches a college student how to move out of home while moving away from fast food and hauls in a tall order in a challenge against English favorite fish and chips.