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Using CGI and fossil evidence, Evolutions demonstrates nature’s survival of the fittest in action.

This three-part series illuminates unique and bizarre evolutionary journeys that have brought forth some of the world’s most impressive animals. We unearth a 50-million-year-old mystery mammal, discover the missing link between the velociraptor and modern day birds, and find out if a new bear species could be about to evolve before our very eyes.


  • Evolutions: Dino Turkey
    Watch the story of how Eoraptor, one of the world's earliest dinosaurs, evolved into the modern day turkey.
  • Evolutions: Bear Necessities
    Watch the story of how a small dog-like animal descended from the trees 30 million years ago to become the most diverse family of wild animals.
  • Evolutions: The Walking Whale
    Using cutting edge CGI, this film follows the extraordinary evolution of a land animal into the modern whale.
  • Evolutions: Dino Turkey
    What triggered the incredible diversity of life on earth? How have complex life forms, including humans, evolved? Is there direction to evolution?