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  • Saturday, 12th May @ 20:00, 19:00 BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


This groundbreaking seven-hour series showcases wildlife expert Casey Anderson and his charismatic animal companions on an innovative and action-packed odyssey through North America's diverse and impressive wild places - revealing a rare glimpse of the beauty and complexity of the natural world from the inside out.


  • Expedition Wild 2: Yellowstone Spring
    Casey Anderson returns to his wildlife hot spots in Yellowstone as spring brings the emergence of its animals. Meanwhile, back in Montana, we see Brutus and the other animals come out of their winter hibernation.
  • Expedition Wild 2: Yellowstone Winter
    With the brutal extremes of winter looming, Casey Anderson treks deep into Yellowstones wild backcountry, braving severe cold, freak snowstorms, and dangerous animal encounters to witness the drama that unfolds as the seasons change and animals fight to survive. Far from the road, in places that most of Yellowstones visitors never see, Casey observes the strategies employed by the parks diverse wildlife as they prepare for a long winter. A skilled naturalist, he depends on years of outdoor experience as he defies deteriorating weather conditions and searches out the action. Along the way, Casey visits the experts, scientists who explain the fascinating biology behind seasonal change. With Casey as a guide, "Yellowstone Winter" takes viewers on a spectacular and perilous journey from fall to winter in one of the wildest places on earth.