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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Saturday January 30th at 8pm, 7pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Have you ever felt overpowered by a technological barrage? Do you yearn to break free, to get outside, to feel fresh air, to disconnect from technology and reconnect with our natural world? You're not alone. We spend more and more time chained to the screen and our desks, while science is proving that people who spend time in nature are indeed healthier, happier and even smarter. People everywhere are looking for ways to cut the cord and reconnect with nature. But can it be done? Our correspondent sets out to explore what people are doing to reconnect with nature - from forest bathing and hunting their own dinner to smartphone addiction therapy sessions and rewilding - and will look at the scientific evidence of the value of being in nature. In today's ever-more-complicated world, how do we heed the CALL OF THE WILD?