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  • Premieres Monday Jan 14th at 9:00 pm, 8:00 pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Capitalizing on Americas 500-year history of conquest and war, FAMILY COMBAT follows a father-son team as they set about finding some of Americas most extraordinary pieces of military memorabilia. From bronze canyons to Prohibition-era machine guns, this entertaining docu- series uses dramatic reconstruction to bring to life the history behind unique souvenirs of war, and meets some of the quirky characters who collect them. Amidst setbacks and inner office squabbles, theres never a dull moment for the Cranmer Family.


  • Family Combat : Family At War
    Tanks, machine guns, canons and antique pistols galore - The Cranmers have a busy week in store as owners of one of the worlds leading military antiques dealer. Father and son visit the biggest machine gun festival in the world, the largest D-Day re enactment in the states and still find time put on a shooting event for the Victorian Riflemen. But will Christians addiction to antique pistols finally derail the business?
  • Family Combat : Police, Camera, Action
    Father and son owners of IMA, Christian and Alex, both love guns just in different ways. Christian wants to treasure valuable antique guns and keep them under lock and key Alex wants to fire them. Alex wants to buy a tank, Christian firmly believes IMA should never buy anything which cant be picked up and carried. In this episode Alex totally ignores his fathers wishes, firing a priceless Confederate revolver and cutting a deal on a 250,000 dollar tank. But he has to take a back seat when its discovered that IMA has been burglarized.
  • Family Combat : I Wanna Jeep
    Christian and Alex Cranmer are among the world's largest dealers of military antiques. In this episode warehouse managers Chris and Paul put a Civil War cannon through its paces, and Alex covets a WW2 jeep, leading to a father-son standoff. Plus Chris gets reckless with company money.