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Through the skill and talent of scientists, motion capture specialists, and the best martial artists in the world, we analyse the greatest fight techniques known to man.

Their tales are legendary. Hollywood has made them famous: Superhuman feats of martial arts performed with ease by masters like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. And they do it without stuntmen, trick photography, or special effects. But are the ancient legends true? How do these fighters combine deadly force, unmatched speed, and unbelievable power into a combination that can shatter concrete and bone with equal ease? Through the skill and talent of an amazing team of scientists, engineers, motion capture specialists, animators and the best martial artists in the world, we test, record, and analyse the greatest fight techniques known to man. This 2-hour television special will determine - once and for all - the amazing physics and physiology behind the martial arts. The goal: to separate fighting fact from martial myth. And the only judge is science.


  • Fight Science
    Infrared cameras and computerized test dummies allow engineers to exactly calculate the physics and physiology of martial arts' devastating force.
  • Fight Science: Ultimate Soldiers
    We test the superior skills of the Special Operations Forces by objecting them to the most severe environments the human body can withstand.
  • Fight Science: Super Cops
    We reveal how law enforcement personnel utilize technology, weapons and knowledge of human physiology, to save lives.
  • Fight Science: Stealth Fighters
    We look at the elusive nature of Chi through the amazing feats of a Shaolin master and examine the clandestine skills of Ninjas and Free Runners.
  • Fight Science: Human Weapons
    Self-defense specialists have revealed two techniques that can decrease these odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime.
  • Fight Science: Fight Like An Animal
    Fight Science will bring a menagerie of nature's best athletes into the lab, to determine if a martial arts master can really fight like an animal.