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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Sunday from Aug 5th at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel



  • Fishy Sundays: Shark Men 3 - A Whale of A Tiger
    The men are tired, tense and determined to succeed but the window is fast closing. One more tiger shark and 3 more silvertips are desperately sought before they need to pull anchor and leave the region. Expedition leader Chris Fischer keeps pushing the men to focus and keep working until the very last second.
  • Fishy Sundays: Shark Men 3 - Trouble In Paradise
    Under the cloak of darkness, shark finning poachers boldly enter Cocos Islands protective waters and this is the first time the Shark Men have on-board security in case theres a confrontation. Under tense conditions, the teams main species for tagging are hammerhead sharks. Because of their bigger fins, they are a highly sought after species for slaughter.
  • Fishy Sundays: Shark Men 3 - Mission Critical
    The Shark Men divide and conquer to get the job done, but that approach causes some safety issues. While divers scout for hammerheads, Todd is off by himself and hooks a giant tiger shark.
  • Fishy Sundays: Shark Men 3 - Killing Zone
    Though the team finally adds hammerheads to their list of tagged shark species, theres little celebration aboard the mother ship.
  • Fishy Sundays: Monster Fish - Mongolian Terror Trout
    Aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan continues his quest to find and protect the world's largest freshwater fish in the frigid rivers of Mongolia.
  • Fishy Sundays: Monster Fish - Sawfish
    Follow Dr. Zeb Hogan, National Geographic Explorer and an aquatic ecologist on his journey to find the largest freshwater fish in Australia - the freshwater sawfish, a cross between a shark and a chainsaw.
  • Fishy Sundays: Monster Fish - Great White Sturgeon
    Lurking in the murky depths of the world's great waterways are bizarre giants-specimens of such enormous proportion and odd appearance they boggle the mind.
  • Fishy Sundays: Monster Fish - Mekong Mystery
    Fish biologist and conservationist Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to Khone Falls in Laos in search of the ultimate fish superhighway.