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Eight Asian elephants make a two year journey from rural Thailand to their new homes in Australia.

Filmed over a period of two years, this is the incredible account of eight Asian elephants as they journey from rural Thailand, experience months of quarantine, embark on an enormous Russian Ilyushin to a remote Indian Ocean island and then finally arrive at their new homes in Sydney and Melbourne Zoos. As the elephants are prepared for the journey, follow the army of workers, veterinarians, court officials, politicians, keepers, scientists, horticulturalists, cargo experts and countless others who make the journey possible – and problematic. Experience the emotion as animal rights court actions delay the transfer for over a year. Then, on the day of transfer, Thai nationalist protesters prevent the transfer once again. Only a secret midnight run enables the elephants to make it to the airport on time and make the flight to the remote Cocos Islands – Australia's quarantine station – and then finally to their purpose built state-of-the-art enclosures at Taronga and Melbourne Zoos – the first major step in a project that will contribute to the survival of the species.


  • Flight of the Elephants
    Elephants will soon be extinct,journey with 8 elephants as they are relocate from Thailand to Sydney and Melbourne Zoo which inovlve countless people.
  • Flight of the Elephants
    Elephants will soon be extinct. 8 elephants are relocated from Thailand to Sydney and Melbourne Zoo inovlving countless people.