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4Real is a series of half-hour television shows that take celebrity guests on adventures around the world to connect with young leaders who, under extreme circumstances, are affecting REAL change.  These are the REAL heroes of our time.

REAL People - REAL Places - REAL Stories - REAL Change

4Real is an entertaining, fast paced, adventure series that allows viewers to learn about some of the most pressing issues of our time, but most importantly they tune into some of the most inspiring attitudes and initiatives addressing them. This is 4Real.

Celebrity guests for Season 1 are Cameron Diaz, Mos Def, Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, Casey Affleck, K'naan, M.I.A. and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


  • 4Real: Yawanawa
    Sol Guy & Joaquin Phoenix journey to the heart of the Amazon where the Yawanawa Community is on the rise thanks to the leadership of Tashka and Laura.
  • 4Real: City Of God
    Sol Guy takes rapper Mos Def to meet Brazilian hip hop heavyweight MV Bill who uses his talent and influence to empower the youth of Brazil's slums.
  • 4Real: Liberia
    The adventure takes Sol and M.I.A. from the presidential palace to a dance party in a Monrovian neighbourhood.
  • 4Real: Haiti
    Sol Guy takes Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) to meet Camseuze Moise who provides health care to 1,000s of rural Haitians, empowering and saving lives.
  • 4Real: Pawnee
    Sol Guy takes actor Casey Affleck to the Pawnee Nation reservation in Oklahoma, USA to meet Native leader Crystal Echo-Hawk and her NVision crew.
  • 4Real: Kenya
    During their adventure in Kenya, KNAAN and Sol find beauty and dignity there, they are forever changed by Salims incredible spirit too.
  • 4Real: Peru
    Sol Guy & Cameron Diaz trek high into the Andes where young medicine man Puma Singona is keeping his people's ancient knowledge and wisdom alive.
  • 4Real: Vancouver
    Sol brings one of Hollywood's finest leading ladies,Eva Mendes,to his hometown to meet the community leader Liz Evans and the Portland Hotel Society.