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Join Professor Nick Eyles as he tracks Earth’s Geologic Journey through millions of years of tectonic tension. Follow his travels from prehistoric sites at the East African Rift where the earth’s crust is ripping apart to Iceland’s dramatic landscape of glaciers and erupting volcanoes. Continue with him along the shifting coastlines of North and South America. As he examines layers of the planet he reveals the geologic mechanics that have shaped the land and water that surround us today.


  • Geologic Journey
  • Geologic Journey: African Rift
    The East African Rift has been widening at the seams for millions years. Follow us to see the geologic processes that shape the earth.
  • Geologic Journey: Europe: Fire & Ice
    Follows geologist Nick Eyles traversing the Eurasian Plate to see how the intense forces of the earth create the landscape we recognize as our own.
  • Geologic Journey: Asia's Rise & Fall
    Unfold the tectonic tension in between of the Indonesia’s colcanoes and the massive Himalayas which form the centre of the world's next supercontinent.
  • Geologic Journey: Violent Pacific
    We travel from Alaska to California and Chile to discover how tectonic rhythms threaten people living along the two continents' coastlines.