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  • Premieres Saturday January 10th at 10 pm, 9 pm BKK/JKT
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Going Deep With David Rees is the how-to show that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. Each episode of this humorous how-to series tackles a different challenge that may not seem all that challenging at first. Simple doesn’t mean boring. In fact, the more information you have about something, the more interesting it becomes. Going Deep celebrates the mundane, complicates the obvious, and helps you appreciate how outrageous and strange even the simplest tasks become, once you start over thinking them.


  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Dig A Hole
    David Rees, the guy who salvaged the art of hand-sharpening pencils from the shavings pile of history, is on a quest to master a new array of oft-ignored skills. Like how to dig a hole. Join David as he goes deep inside a Rocky Mountain mine and becomes a test subject in the lab of "Dr. Shovel."
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Tie Your Shoes
    David Rees wants you to put aside your childish ways. When it comes to how you tie your shoes, that is. Most of us still keep our laces knotted the same way we learned when we were kids, but there must be better methods, right? David consults with survivalists, surgeons, sailors, and even an evolutionary biologist to find out what kind of laces and knots we should be using in our footwear. Not to mention if we should be wearing shoes at all...
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Swat a Fly
    David doesnt like flies and with good reason. Theyre annoying and are known carriers of disease. Adding to his frustration is the fact that they always seem to be one step ahead whenever he tries to swat them. David is determined to become a master assassin of flies, which means he needs to learn the best tools, the best swatting motion, and the best way to get inside his enemys head (literally, in this case).
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Flip a Coin
    A coin toss is the absolute best way to settle an argument or make a really tough decision, but whats the absolute best way to actually flip the coin? David Rees is determined to figure that out once and for all. Join him as he consults with physicists, circus performers, the New York Lottery draw team, and an engineer turned "kinetic sculptor" named Jeff in order to determine with 100% scientific certainty the ideal method for flipping coins.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Make an Ice Cube
    Ice is a slippery mistress. The cubes in beverage ads always look so crisp and crystal clear, while ice made at home is the opposite: slug-shaped and milky-white. Whats up with that? David wants to know. Youll never freeze water the same way again after hearing the expert advice of the icemakers, ice sculptors, ice harvesters, scientists and venerable Buddhist monks featured in this episode. The final result is a series of steps guaranteed to turn your freezer into an ice factory that churns out heirloom-quality cubes.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Open a Door
    Prepare to have your doors of perception pried open by the steadily increasing leverage of a Halligan tool. Have no idea what that means? You will once David Rees teaches you all the ways to open a door. Davids goal is to be able to walk up to every type of door and open it with total confidence. To that end, he consults with a robotics professor who creates AI for door-opening machines, a firefighter who teaches new recruits how to wield door-busting instruments, a competitive lock picker, and others. Also, there is a detour that includes crawling inside a submarine.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Climb A Tree
    One bit of unfinished business from Davids childhood still haunts him his parents never let him climb the magnolia tree outside the home he grew up in. But when you have your own TV show, you can make your own rules. Join David as he sets out to defy his parents warnings by utterly mastering the art of tree climbing. Bouncing lemurs, soaring California redwoods, world champion tree-climbers, indigenous rainforest tree-climbing techniques, and Davids parents all make an appearance as David steels himself to conquer the ultimate foe his own unfulfilled childhood.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Throw A Paper Plane
    David is determined to learn how to throw a paper airplane perfectly, so that everyone in its presence will simply stop and stare in awe. Join David as he consults an origami master on the art of folding, learns the secrets of flight from NASA scientists and engineers, and in a moment of unexpected artistic collaboration, teams up with the man who built the worlds greatest paper airplane.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Shake Hands
    His entire life, David has dreaded meeting new people, and it shows his friends and neighbors all agree that his handshake is horrible. But David dreams big, and his current dream is to impress the man with the best handshake in his town George. With anatomists to show him how his hands work, arm wrestlers to train his grip strength, and a hand model to help him care for his terribly neglected appendages, David quickly handles the basics. Then, an eye contact expert sheds some light on why David might have problems with eye contact, a California touch expert shows just how powerful touch can be, and a former U.S. Chief of Protocol tutors David in the art of the truly presidential handshake. Then its off for a hands-on showdown with George himself, to see if David can shake his handshaking demons.
  • Going Deep With David Rees: How To Light A Match
    Join David as he sets out to get the most possible use out of a single match. But how do matches work? And just what is fire, anyway? David attempts to masters the art of striking a match and learns about topics ranging from molecular chemistry to the spread of forest fires to stick making . Ultimately, he finds himself at a remote Montana lab, where scientists have unlocked fires most fundamental secrets, and comes to understand fire in a way that our ancestors could never have dreamed of. Along the way hell also learn how to create flames of all colors, how to magically turn one match into two, and maybe, just maybe, how to light every single candle on his birthday cake using just one match.