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British filmmaker Graham Hughes is taking his love of travelling to the limit, embarking on an epic - challenge to step foot in every country on earth in a single year without flying. This series documents his madcap attempt to break a world record by visiting 200 countries and travelling 90,000 kilometers in 52 weeks of non-stop travelling - virtually all of it on public transport. Racing against a ticking clock, Graham sets out with no support, a limited budget and only a video camera for company. His plan is to not only bag a world record but raise oodles of cash for charity and win the hand of the girl he wants to marry on the finishing line. The trip of a lifetime, a flight of fancy, or a recipe for failure? Only time will tell.


  • Graham's World: Africa Island Hop
    Graham is released from a Congolese jail, but he faces imprisonment again as he races 1,300 kilometres across war-ravaged Angola.
  • Graham's World: Arrested In Africa
    Graham begins what looks to be the toughest leg of his journey - Africa.
  • Graham's World: African Rough Road
    Graham is arrested on the grounds of people smuggling on the islands of Cape Verde, 600km off the West African coast.
  • Graham's World: Caribbean Castaway
    Join Graham to navigate the Caribbean by cargo ship and yacht as he journeys roughly 90,000 km, crossing nearly 200 borders in 365 days.
  • Graham's World: Congo Chaos
    We join Graham as he tackles central Africa. Kidnap threats, nightmare drivers and hellish roads are just the start of his problems.
  • Graham's World: From Argentina To Guyana
    Graham Hughes embarks on a record-breaking epic challenge to set foot on every country on Earth in a single year, without flying.
  • Graham's World: From Cuba To Tunisia
    Things fall apart when Graham loses valuable time in Florida trying to negotiate his way round the U.S. embargo on travel to Cuba.
  • Graham's World: Pyramids Or Bust
    Graham vows to get back to the mainland, reach every country in Eastern Africa and meet his beloved at the pyramids before the New Year.