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  • Grandma's Boy

  • Premieres Thursday July 3rd at 7:55 pm, 6:55pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


The perfect grandson and Irish chef Donal is on a mission to learn the secret recipes kept on families for generations. In this series he will be charming his way into the hearts of Southern Europe's grand mamas and try to modernize the classic dishes.


  • Grandma's Boy: Capena
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Lina in Capena, a small town 20 kilometres north of Rome, in the Tiber valley. The town is surrounded by rolling hills. Grazing Sheep. The Quiet life. And really good food. We will see him meeting an excentric butcher, in search for a free-range chicken. And a get loaded with courgettes by a generous farmer. He will then cook the freshly picked produce with the Nonna, but in the end will the he get her seal of approval?
  • Grandma's Boy: Casteldilago
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Anna in Casteldilago, in Central Italy, about 120km north of Rome. Casteldilago literally means “castle on a lake”, because that is what was once here. This valley was once a lake but was drained for farmland. We will see him having a hard time fishing perch with the local fisherman Paolo, and cook with the pro Nonna Anna, but in the end will the he get Anna’s vote of confidence?
  • Grandma's Boy: Rieti
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Sandra in Rieti, in Central Italy, 70km north of Rome. This area has been the focus of pilgrimages for many centuries as it was once home to St. Francis of Assisi. We will see him meet by chance a music band practising for a feast day and pick some saintly vegetables in a monastery with Brother Renzo. He will cook the whole afternoon with Nonna Sandra, but in the end will Nonna Sandra approve of his dish?
  • Grandma's Boy: Graffignano
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Pierina in Graffignano, 80KM north of Rome, on the Lazio Tuscany border. Overlooking fields, forests and rivers this hilltop town has a history dating back to Etruscan times. And has always been renowned for the quality and variety of its produce. Despite its sleepy, rustic appearance, everyone here is on the go, working the land. We will see him pick fresh herbs, olives, incredible vegetables with Nonna Pierina and her neighboor Daniela in Daniela’s incredible garden and vegetable patch. He then collects a very sweet ingredient from a local beekeeper. The afternoon he cooks with Nonna Pierina, but in the end will she like his dish?
  • Grandma's Boy: Sant’Angelo in Colle
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Silvana in Sant’Angelo in Colle in the heart of Tuscany – one of the most spectacular places in Italy. With vineyards as far as the eye can see… Beautiful! Sant’Angelo in Colle is a small medieval hilltop village, where one of Italy’s most important wines is produced: the famous Brunello di Montalcino. During the episode he explore the Nonna’s family vineyard, he joins an impromptu street party, and gets one of the best italians meat from a local butcher. He will cook the entire afternoon with Nonna Silvana, but in the end will she like what he has cooked?
  • Grandma's Boy: Montefalco
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Giovanna in the picturesque town of Montefalco, in Umbria, the heart of Italy. Known as the “balustrade” for its elevated position above the valley, this area has been appreciated for its food and fresh produce for Centuries. From the Roman poets, who praised its Sagrantino wine, to Nobel Laureate Herman Hesse, who called it one of the most beautiful places on earth. We see Donal make his own sheep’s cheese and hunt for truffles in the woods. He will spend the whole afternoon cooking with Nonna Giovanna, but in the end will she like it?
  • Grandma's Boy: Trevi
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Anna in Trevi, an ancient city located high in the hills of Umbria. Surrounded by beautiful lush olive groves and a really rich clear river, wich runs right the way around it and is teaming with fish. We see Donal learn how to fish trout and collect slimy snails in a farm. He will spend the whole afternoon cooking with Nonna Anna, but in the end will he win Nonna Anna’s applause?
  • Grandma's Boy: Todi
    In this episode Donal has been invited to Capecchio Castle by Nonna Silvana. The Castle is in Todi, in Central Italy. This area is famous for its castles and ancient history and the nature there is fairily untouched. During the episode he will gather herbs&spices on horseback, learn to make cheese in the castlegrounds and hunt phaesant with falcons! Donal will cook the entire afternoon with Nonna Silvana, but in the end will she be impressed by his cooking skills?
  • Grandma's Boy: Irsina
    In this episode Donal meets Nonna Maddalena in Irsina, at the top of the heel of the Italian boot, in Southern Italy, about 200 km south of Naples. This small town is home to some of the world’s lengthiest pasta. And has a long and proud history of Italian farming. During the episode he gets fresh produce in the streets from impromptu sellers and visits a local pig farm. He will cook the entire afternoon with Nonna Maddalena, but in the end will his dish get the nod?