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Explore the nitty-gritty of ground warfare in an engaging and unpredictable way.

From Ancient Egypt to Afghanistan in 2008; Crusader castle-builders to 21st century robotics experts and from Roman slashing weapons to AK47s – we tell the fascinating story of how Ground Warfare has evolved through more than 3000 years of human experience.

Featuring hands-on demonstrations, lively reconstruction archaeology interspersed with dramatic archive footage and international expert opinion, this powerful four-part series demonstrates everything from how chain mail stops an arrow and how night-vision goggles can make a mouse look the size of a small dog, to how cutting edge 'invisibility shields' can hide a tank.


  • Ground War: Firepower
    We look at how the technology of shooting has developed over the course of human history.
  • Ground War: Command And Control
    We explore the evolution of military fortifications, battlefield engineering and events in the course of the history of warfare.
  • Ground War: Battle Machines
    We examine the evolution of warfare starting with the desert chariot of ancient Egypt; progressing through the armoured knights of Medieval Europe.
  • Ground War: Warrior Weapons
    The film traces the development of the soldiers'weaponry. They explore how weapons and amours have evolved from bronze weaponry to rifles.


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    Ground Warfare

    This series explores the nitty-gritty of Ground Warfare in an engaging and unpredictable way.

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