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Crews risk their own lives to come to the aid of others through extraordinary personal bravery.

Helicopter Wars explores the extraordinary personal bravery and intense jeopardy of four military missions where helicopter crews risk their own lives to come to the aid of others. Crew members provide gripping firsthand testimony revealing their fear and anxiety as their skills are tested to the limit. Computer generated images illustrate how helicopters operated in intense environmental conditions and executed complex flight patterns while helicopter demonstrations detail the complications pilots faced in the skies.


  • Helicopter Wars: Vietnam Firefight
    The helicopter came of age in Vietnam. This film tells the story of one of the most dangerous helicopter missions of the war.
  • Helicopter Wars: Duel In The Desert
    James Newton faces his very first day in battle. His helicopter is armed with anti-tank missiles, but he can’t see his enemy. Will he lose?
  • Helicopter Wars: White Out
    In 1982, Argentina invades South Georgia and The Falkland Islands. The SAS have a plan to retake South Georgia.
  • Helicopter Wars: Taliban Gambit
    This is the story of one of the biggest search and rescue operations since the Vietnam War.