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  • Monday, Jan 23rd @ 10:00pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT


Deep inside the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, newly discovered artifacts, photographs and journals tell the story of 350 American GIs who were held as prisoners of war in one of Hitler's most secretive slave labor camps, known as Berga. There, the soldiers lived and died alongside European Jews—many becoming grim statistics in Hitler's Final Solution. But miraculously, their will to survive and even to fight back at the Nazis remained strong. Now, 60 years later, these survivors from Berga have come forward to tell an unforgettable story of dogged survival, heroism and unparalleled courage.


  • Hitler's G.I. Death Camp
    This is the haunting story of one of Hitler's secretive concentration camps where 350 American G.I.s worked and died as slave labourers.
  • Hitler's G.I. Death Camp
    In Berga, American POW's became just that, working and dying as slave laborers in one of Hitler's secretive concentration camps. This is their story.



  • American POWs photo

    American POWs

    When American troops were marched into German death camps, all hope for the European prisoners...

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