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Randy Miller is a professional big animal trainer. He owns twelve big predators ---all Hollywood stars. And Rocky was his number one "the best working bear in the business". But on April 22, 2008 Rocky did something that would change his and Randys lives forever. Rocky killed somebody. This one-hour special re-lives the tragic day when Rocky killed Randys cousin and best friend, Stephan Miller. California Fish and Game and the coroner deemed it an accident. Rocky was spared the death penalty but lives under restricted regulations. Randy is now left with a bear he raised from a cub, a creature he loves and an animal performer that may never work again. Theres another catch: Randy, for the first time in his career, is afraid. Drawing on a grizzly bear scientist, a Hollywood director, animal trainers and eyewitnesses, we compare and contrast Rockys and another captive bears behavior and lifestyle with those of wild bears. We explore the hidden dangers of working with large, unpredictable predators. And we touch on the issue of using wild animals for entertainment purposes.