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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Wednesday December 30th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


How to Win at Everything explores human physiology and psychology, physics, technology and mathematics to show how people can ‘win’ in any scenario. Each episode reveals how and why certain tricks or cheats work when they’re put to the test by experts and a pair of identical twins in everyday scenarios.

Identical twins Chris and Justin Nelson join host Tim Shaw in this step-by-step guide to successful living. The twins go head to head, testing competing scientific theories in scenarios such as whether it is faster to smash through a locked door in an emergency with your foot or a crowbar; or whether the principles of attracting female attention favour men who dance or men who wear red; and whether eating spicy food or dipping your clothes in tepid water is the best way to stay cool in the heat.


  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 1
    Learn about the science behind high-speed parallel parking and how to perform the legendary table cloth without smashing your crockery.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 2
    Discover how to win at football freestyling and find out whether a hefty boot or a crow bar is your best bet for breaking through a locked door.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 3
    This episode delivers winning tips and scientific explanations on competitive speed eating and what color to wear to be more attractive
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 4
    We show you how to execute the perfect penalty shot during football matches and how experts hold their breath for an incredible amount of time.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 5
    Learn how to bounce like a pro on a slack line, avoid getting shot when playing paintball, and make candles using tuna fish.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 6
    A UK stunt driver shows us how to drive a car on two wheels while the Nelson Twins find out how to construct a bottle rocket that will fly high.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 7
    Find out the secret behind powerful punches and learn juggling with bottles like a professional showman.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 8
    Learn how to water ski on bare feet, and discover the optimal way to pack your suitcase and the method to escape from duct tape.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 9
    See how to create a delicious fruit salad using karate moves and build a paper plane that can travel longer.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 10
    Discover the secret to cycle fast with less effort and the sort of vessel you should choose for minimal traveling time.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 11
    Learn how to showboat on the golf course, explore the methods that help us run faster in a race, and see how to fold a shirt with two quick moves.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 12
    Mountain bike stuntman Joe Maher explains how to do the “willy hop”, while professional triathlon coach Fiona Ford tells us how to swim faster.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 13
    Learn how to save the day with a bow and arrow, and find out how to cycle uphill faster and clean up broken glass with a few slices of bread.
  • How to Win at Everything: Ep 14
    Learn how to spin a basketball on our fingers, climb a rope, open a tin with no tools, and impress the opposite sex with a yo-yo.