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  • Premieres Saturday August 15th at 11pm, 10pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Asia is haunted - haunted by its own history. I Wouldn’t Go In There is a quest to uncover the real history behind the scariest places in Asia. Combining a good ghost story with the reveal of a forgotten, but true past, I Wouldn’t Go In There presents a unique factual format. Playing on the Asian fascination with the paranormal and the unexplained, and its equally proven interest in local micro-histories.


  • I Wouldn't Go In There: WW2 Special: City of Lost Souls
    Blogger and urban explorer, Robert Joe (RJ) sets out to uncover the real truth behind horrific paranormal accounts in Nanjing, China. Based on stories of soldiers haunting one part of the city, RJ embarks on a journey which leads him deeper and deeper into the abyss. His investigation even reveals an alleged killing contest during the Sino-Japanese War. Patching together clues from survivor and expert interviews, he unearths the tragic massacres committed by a lawless occupying army that’s left deep scars in the psyche of the people of Nanjing.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: WW2 Special: The Forgotten Army
    In the remote city of Myitkyina, capital of Myanmar’s Kachin State, Robert Joe (RJ) shines a light on reported ghost encounters to reveal a true tale of horror. Suspecting a military connection between two paranormal stories, RJ begins delving into Myitkyina’s history. When both witnesses confirm their homes rest on military artifacts and soldiers’ remains, RJ sets out on a mission to explore the story of the fallen soldiers. This journey takes him to China and back and into some of the darkest days of World War Two, as RJ reveals the tragic story of a lost army.