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    • Undercover Operations show

      Undercover Operations

      Find out the dangerous work of undercover agents specialized in the investigation eco-crime.

    • Tiger Bone Trade show

      Tiger Bone Trade

      The undercover agent may have been discovered, the risk increases.

    • Lucky Charms? show

      Lucky Charms?

      Many Chinese people still believe tiger teeth have magical protective powers. Join us to see if this is true or false.

    • Xining’s Tibetan Market Operation show

      Xining’s Tibetan Market Operation

      The team has only time for one more operation. Stay tuned to witness how it turns to a risky night mission.

    • Tailors of 'Chupas' show

      Tailors of 'Chupas'

      In Shigatse, there are many buyers of skin tiger, but who are they and where are they? Find out more

    • Tiger Trade show

      Tiger Trade

      Are you curious to meet one of the most dangerous criminals involved in the tiger trade?

    • Worth It? show

      Worth It?

      Power, luck, medicine, aphrodisiacs, delicacy. Tigers are on the verge of extinction. Is the death of a majestic animal worth it?