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  • Continues Friday October 4th at 11:00 pm, 10:00pm BKK/JKT
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In I Wouldn’t Go in There Robert Joe (RJ) – urban explorer and blogger - tracks down true and often untold stories hidden behind Asia’s most notorious haunted sites.  RJ’s hypothesis: behind every haunted location and tale of paranormal encounters with ghosts or demons, there’s a real story waiting to be uncovered - a true story even more terrifying than the strangest fiction. Using a combination of gumshoe detective work and modern technology, he explores the places many fear to tread, with one burning question: what really happened here?


  • I Wouldn't Go In There: HONG KONG: HAUNTED SCHOOL
    Reports of a suicide; a woman in red; strange, crouching figures all emanate from the abandoned Tat Tak school in Hong Kong’s Ping Shan village.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: JAPAN: LOST SOULS OF OKINAWA
    RJ looks into Okinawa’s troubled history as he examines the rumors of homicide, child ghosts and samurai warriors on horseback at Kadena Air Base.
    Robert Joe (RJ) investigates the disturbing stories of ghost soldiers coming from an abandoned hospital at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Indonesia: Basement Ghosts
    Blogger & Urban Explorer Robert Joe journeys to the port town of Semarang in Java, Indonesia to investigate the paranormal stories.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Taiwan: Phantom Prisoners
    Robert Joe (RJ) heads to Taiwan’s Green Island to discover the real story behind a mysterious cave on the resort destination.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Korea: House on the Hill
    RJ explores an abandoned house on the Korean coast, whcih has gained legendary status as one of the country’s most haunted sites.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Malaysia: Haunted Museum
    A war museum of Penang is said to be haunted by a World War II-era Japanese Colonel named Suzuki. RJ pursues the truth behind the ghastly claim.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Thailand: Cursed Treasure
    In the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand, Robert Joe investigates rumors of a curse said to befall those who dig for buried treasure.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: Vietnam: Ghost Island
    RJ heads to Vietnam’s Con Dao Island to investigate a series of hauntings, one on a mysterious bridge and another near the island’s infamous prisons.
  • I Wouldn't Go In There: India: Port Of No Return
    Robert Joe (RJ) has come to the quiet, western Indian island of Diu to investigate a series of stunning and terrifying ghost encounters.