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The only place on earth where Man is not at the top of the food chain.

The Last Maneater is a spectacular documentary about the last tigers in the world to hunt, kill, and eat humans. They live in the Sunderbans, gnarled fingers of thick impenetrable mangrove forest swamps in eastern India. It's a place where the daily quest for a net full of fish, or even an armload of firewood gathered from the forest floor, can prove fatal. Here, up to 80 people every year are killed and eaten by tigers. The villages here are filled with orphans… and widows. And people who have harrowing tales of survival. An adult Bengal tiger can weigh as much as 500 pounds. When it decides to attack, the results are almost always lethal. Guns and armor are of little use in this area where a stealth attack from the rear can occur with no warning. It is the reality of life in the Sunderbans. People here understand the risk. They understand… that in the Sunderbans, humans are not the most dominant animal. That if a tiger decides to kill… it can… and will. This is a place where tigers don't live in fear of people. Here… tigers reign supreme.