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In 1944 thousands of teenagers and young adults who had never held a gun or left their own country’s shores found themselves caught up in the world’s darkest hours: the final year of World War II. Now, almost 70 years later in Last War Heroes, these men’s stories are brought back to life.

From the landings on D-Day beaches to uncovering the true horrors of Nazi Germany, these intimate portraits take you to the heart of the battle as the Allied Forces’ sweep from Normandy to Berlin.


  • Last War Heroes: D-Day
    June 6, 1944, the biggest seaborne invasion in history. Allied soldiers from Britain, the US and Canada land on five Normandy beaches.
  • Last War Heroes: The Battle For Caen
    On D-Day, the Allies established their beachheads, but they failed to reach any of their key objectives. Caen remained in German hands.
  • Last War Heroes: Breakout From Normandy
    Hitler orders a massive counter-attack in an attempt to cut the Allies in two. But British, Canadian and American forces press in on Germans forces.
  • Last War Heroes: The Scheldt & Arnhem
    The British attempt to break through to the Rhine at Arnhem is a tragic failure and becomes known as "the bridge too far".
  • Last War Heroes: Battle of The Bulge
    In one of the coldest winters on record, under-prepared US infantry divisions find themselves fighting off the German army in the Ardennes.
  • Last War Heroes: Taking Berlin
    Soldiers tell the amazing story of capturing the Ludendorff Bridge in the town of Remagen. The war reaches its endgame with the invasion of Berlin.



  • Letters Home photo

    Letters Home

    When an operation in the Netherlands turns deadly, one half of a platoon is lost.

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