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The smash hit series Locked Up Abroad returns, with more incredible stories of kidnap, contraband and incarceration.


  • Locked Up Abroad 7: My Mum is a Drug Smuggler
    American mother Ruthie Lambert turns to drug trafficking to help make ends meet. She makes numerous successful trips smuggling cocaine out of Peru, until she is finally caught and locked up in a tough South American prison.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Fallen Nurse
    Student nurse Lucy Wright had a wonderful boyfriend and a promising career before she succumbed to a crack cocaine addiction. In a desperate attempt to clear her debts and get her life back on course, she agrees to smuggle two suitcases of cocaine out of Argentina. She's caught red handed at a Buenos Aires airport and told she's facing 16 to 25 years in jail.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Dating Fred will Kill You
    British gay nurse Stephen Comiskey has had a difficult year. He's come out about his sexuality and left his wife and children. Needing to support his ex-wife and kids and get himself out of the red, he takes a well-paid nursing job in Saudi Arabia. When he discovers that homosexuality is punishable by death, he decides to be celibate. However, his resolve weakens when he sees that there is a thriving gay scene there. He embarks on a series of affairs and thinks he can get away with it until one night he is beaten up by the religious police and thrown into jail.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Show Me The Magic
    Party loving magician Mark Greening doesn't have a care in the world but when a holiday romance results in a pregnancy, he's forced to leave his beach bum lifestyle in Bali and take responsibility for his actions in Tokyo. With little work to be found he decides to become an independent mule, running hash from Nepal to Japan. But after a couple of easy runs his luck turns sour, leaving him with a five year sentence in one of the world's strictest prisons.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Son of Saddam
    Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia is fighting in the Iran-Iraq War when he is summoned to the Palace. Here, Latif claims Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday demanded Latif become his body double. Latif is almost an exact physical match for Uday, virtually his twin. He doesn't want the role, but Uday has him thrown in prison until Latif accepts he has no choice but to do as he is commanded.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Innocent Hollywood ‘Star’
    Actor Erik Aude is on top of the world with a promising career in Hollywood until his friend persuades him to go to Pakistan to pick up some leather goods. When he's arrested at the airport Erik discovers he has unknowingly been used by his friend to smuggle opium. Facing torture and beatings Erik has to fight to save his life and clear his name.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: My truck left me in hell!
    Looking for adventure, Thomas Hamill takes a job as a civilian truck driver for the U.S. military in war-torn Iraq. When his convoy is attacked and he is taken hostage by insurgents, Thomas knows he could be killed at any moment. Will he find a way to survive captivity and make it home alive?
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Escape? I Do!
    Dwight Worker tries to smuggle Peruvian cocaine to America, concealed under a phoney shoulder cast. But when hes busted in Mexico City and sent to the notorious Black Palace prison, his life becomes a living hell.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Kidnapping 101
    Erez Eltawil and Reini Weigel are among eight backpackers who are snatched by guerrillas during a trek in remote northern Colombia. As weeks turn to months with no sign of release, the hostages become increasingly desperate and the group splits into two - each faction adopting a different survival strategy: cooperation with the kidnappers versus outright resistance.
  • Locked Up Abroad 7: Pole Dance to Prison
    Jayne Blaydon thought she had landed a dream job when she accepted an offer to teach lap dancing in a Caribbean nightclub. But soon after arriving in Guyana, she and her husband David were forced at gunpoint to smuggle multiple kilos of liquid cocaine back to England.