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From kidnapping to drug smuggling, this series tells stories of people who have been locked up abroad.

From kidnap and torture to foolish plans to smuggle drugs, this nail-biting series tells the harrowing stories of people who set out hoping for adventure or easy money, only to end up in situations beyond their worst nightmares.

In these brand new episodes, follow the stories of more people who have found themselves in situations beyond their most terrible fears.

From a run-down South London estate to a Barbados prison, Busted and Pregnant is Zara Whittaker’s tale about poverty, heartbreak, and international drug smuggling. Zara knew exactly what she was doing when she agreed to smuggle cocaine into Britain. But at that stage she didn’t know she was pregnant, would get caught, give birth behind bars and have to give her baby up. This is her story.

As US forces attacked insurgents in the Iraqi town of Tall 'Afar in 2004, journalists Scott Taylor and Zeynep Tugrul were there to report from the front line. However, they soon became the story themselves, as they were kidnapped by insurgents and accused of spying for America. Descending into a hellish world of torture and threats of execution, could the pair survive being Kidnapped in Iraq?

When Zoe McGarry met a man on holiday in Nigeria, she thought she had made a new friend. However, when he called her a few months later begging her to come to Ecuador to help him, he proved to be anything but trustworthy. In Master of Deception police find Zoe’s rucksack packed with cocaine from her friend. She ends up with an eight year sentence for drug smuggling, while the man simply disappeared.

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  • Locked Up Abroad: Colombia Ambush
    American backpacker, Mark Wedeven, hopes for the ultimate adventure: crossing Panama to Colombia overland through the notorious Darién Gap.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Kidnapped In Iraq
    2004: US forces are about to attack Tal Afar in Iraq. Journalists Scott Taylor and Zeynep Tugrul rush to the city to report, but they are kidnapped.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Busted And Pregnant
    Zara Whittaker knew she was smuggling drugs but she didn't know she was carrying a baby.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Conned In Quito
    Tony gives Eva a rucksack containing 2.6kg of cocaine. Eva is arrested and is given a 16-year jail term while Tony is never caught.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Jamaican Getaway
    TK White and her girlfriend are caught and sent to prison where they end up defending their gay lifestyle to hostile Jamaicans.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Boy Soldiers
    With the UN, Phil Ashby is disarming child soldiers controlled by a rebel warlord but they go on a violent, vengeful rampage against the UN team.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Party Girl
    In 1999, Clare goes to India where she supports her party lifestyle by mailing drugs to Europe. Arested at post office, she awaits trial for years.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Taiwan
    McGill and his family are living the highlife in Taipei. But the good life is ripped apart by notorious Chinese criminal, Chin Chen......
  • Locked Up Abroad: Venezuela Blues
    David deceives his girlfriend, Julie, carries cocaine to Venezuela and is arrested. Will they get back together?
  • Locked Up Abroad: Philippine Terror
    Greg Williams is kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda within days of arrival. His only chance of survival is to escape.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Mexico Or Bust
    Jake Stanford attempts to supply 2Kg of drugs to an American. A resulting drugs bust sees him witness two policemen being shot point blank.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Sao Paolo Death Trap
    Brendan Cosso smuggled cocaine out of Brazil and was arrested at Sao Paulo airport. He was sentenced to the most violent prison in South America.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Bangladesh
    To raise money for colleage,Lia become a heroin smuggler.But her naive plans went horribly wrong as she faced death penalty in a prison in Bangladesh.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Death In The Jungle
    Safari guide Mark Ross and his tour group had a perfect day in the jungles of Uganda. It becomes a nightmare when they were kidnapped by Hutu rebels.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Peru
    Sarah was in debt so she worked as a drug courier. To make it look like a holiday trip,she brings her friend Simon along and got into deep trouble.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Malaysia
    Monique & Callie planned a last holiday before they settled down but were kidnapped by the Abbu Sayyaf terrorist group,knowned for brutal beheadings.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Peru 2 (aka Lima)
    Russell was so enthralled by Jessica that he went on a drug smuggling trip to Peru with her.He was dumped & the nightmare gets worse...
  • Locked Up Abroad: Kuwait
    Scott was having a great time in Kuwait.He started selling drugs,ended up in jail and was trapped in the middle of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Taiwan
    South African Diplomat's life was ripped apart when notorious Chinese criminal, Chin Chen make them pawn in a battle with the Taiwanese authorities.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Ecuador
    Due to the pull of easy money, Daniel endured his accomplice but ended up being betrayed in a snow storm of cocaine.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Venezuela
    Jim & Paul wanted to escape from their gloomy existence in Leicester but the adventure they craved would soon become their worst nightmare.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Peruvian Prison Nightmare
    Two teenage prom queens were promised a luxury holiday in Peru but found themselves with a 6-year sentence in one of the world's worst prisons.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Gold Smuggling From HK To Nepal
    Piers Hernu and 3 friends smuggle 28 kg of gold from Hong Kong to Nepal and end up with a 4 year jail sentence!
  • Locked Up Abroad: Teen Smuggler
    Alex Silva is a bored teenage distracted by some wealthy Mexican drug smugglers. He begs to be let in on the action.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Busted In Bali
    In 1985, Australian businessman Chris Parnell was arrested in Bali for smuggling twelve kilos of hashish.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Colombia
    Glenn Heggstad's dream to travel South America on his motorbike were cut short when he was kidnapped and tortured by gunmen.
  • Locked Up Abroad: South Korea
    Cullen and his girlfriend's ill conceived plan to smuggle cannabis brought them far more excitement than they'd ever bargained for.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Hostage To Terror
    Rhys and Bela were travelling independently throughout India but their fates became horribly wrong when they were kidnapped by Omar Saeed Sheikh.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Hooked In Havana
    Kahlilah's life is transformed after she meets music producer, Roy. But he abandons her in Panama with a bag stuffed with eight kg of cocaine.
  • Locked Up Abroad: The Philippines
    When celebrating their anniversary,Gracia and Martin were kidnapped by a Muslim Fundamentalist group renowned for beheading their victims.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Pakistan
    British journalist Amar Bassey disguised himself as a tribesman to write about daily life in Afghanistan. He was accused of spying and was imprisoned.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Sao Paulo Death Trap
    Brendan Cosso smuggles cocaine out of Brazil and is arrested at Sao Paulo airport. He is sentenced to the most violent prison in South America.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Nightmare In Chechnya
    Camilla and Jon travelled to Chechnya to set up a children's centre but they soon became targeted by ruthless kidnappers...
  • Locked Up Abroad: Delhi
    In 1999, Clare goes to India where she supports her party lifestyle by mailing drugs to Europe. Arrested at the post office, she awaits her trial.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Sierra Leone
    With the UN, Phil Ashby disarms child soldiers controlled by a rebel warlord, but they go on a vengeful rampage against the UN team.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Lima
    Russell was so enthralled by Jessica that he went on a drug smuggling trip to Peru with her.He was dumped and the nightmare gets worse...
  • Locked Up Abroad: The Real Midnight Express
    Join us as we listen to the story of Billy being sent to the infamous Turkish Sagmalcilar prison.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Bangkok Underworld
    At 28, Tim Schrader leaves Australia to work as a teacher in Bangkok. He is offered a chance to make $10,000 by smuggling heroin into the US.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Saddam's Iraq
    During the Gulf War of 1990, Tom Lynch and John White make a daring escape attempt from the oil field where they were working.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Smuggler Makeover
    Michael Morey falls in love with a woman in Trinidad. On learning his girlfriend is expecting a baby, he agrees to smuggle cocaine.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Tokyo Takedown
    Jackie Nichols falls in love with traveling but needs money to pay for it. So she agrees to traffic drugs.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Cocaine Mule Mom
    American mother Ruthie Lambert turns to drug trafficking to help make ends meet.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Escape From Argentina
    Student nurse Lucy Wright had a wonderful boyfriend and a promising career before she succumbed to a crack cocaine addiction.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Dangerous Liaisons
    British gay nurse Stephen Comiskey has had a difficult year. He's come out about his sexuality and left his wife and children. Needing to support his ex-wife and kids and get himself out of the red, he takes a well-paid nursing job in Saudi Arabia. When he discovers that homosexuality is punishable by death, he decides to be celibate. However, his resolve weakens when he sees that there is a thriving gay scene there. He embarks on a series of affairs and thinks he can get away with it until one night he is beaten up by the religious police and thrown into jail.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Juggler Smuggler, The
    Party loving magician Mark Greening doesn't have a care in the world but when a holiday romance results in a pregnancy, he's forced to leave his beach bum lifestyle in Bali and take responsibility for his actions in Tokyo. With little work to be found he decides to become an independent mule, running hash from Nepal to Japan. But after a couple of easy runs his luck turns sour, leaving him with a five year sentence in one of the world's strictest prisons.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Son of Saddam
    Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia is fighting in the Iran-Iraq War when he is summoned to the Palace. Here, Latif claims Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday demanded Latif become his body double. Latif is almost an exact physical match for Uday, virtually his twin. He doesn't want the role, but Uday has him thrown in prison until Latif accepts he has no choice but to do as he is commanded. He severs all ties with family, friends and his previous identity, and is trained to walk, talk, and behave exactly like his new master. While the position has its perks, Latif has to witness Uday's evil behavior-rape, murder, torture-on a continual basis. Although Latif narrowly survives several assassination attempts, it is only a matter of time before the devil turns on his 'brother,' and Latif has to choose between death or escape…
  • Locked Up Abroad: From Hollywood To Hell
    Actor Erik Aude is on top of the world with a promising career until his friend persuades him to go to Pakistan to pick up some leather goods.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Highway To Hell
    Thomas Hamill, a civilian truck driver for the U.S. military in war-torn Iraq, is taken hostage by insurgents. He knows he could be killed at any moment.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Black Palace of Horrors
    Dwight Worker tries to smuggle Peruvian cocaine to America, concealed under a phoney shoulder cast.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Colombian Kidnap
    Erez Eltawil and Reini Weigel are among eight backpackers who are snatched by guerrillas during a trek in remote northern Colombia.
  • Locked Up Abroad: Caribbean Nightmare
    Jayne Blaydon thought she had landed a dream job when she accepted an offer to teach lap dancing in a Caribbean nightclub.