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    • Busted and Pregnant: the temptation show

      Busted and Pregnant: the temptation

      Zara Whittaker's friend tells her how 'easy' it is to become a drug smuggler...

    • Busted and Pregnant show

      Busted and Pregnant

      From a south-London estate to a Barbados prison, Zara Whittaker tells her story about poverty, drug smuggling and life behind...

    • Party Girl show

      Party Girl

      Clare Matthews ends up in an Asian jail after being caught drug smuggling.

    • Clare Matthews - Party Girl show

      Clare Matthews - Party Girl

      Low on cash, Clare Matthews decides to try drug smuggling to continue living in India's party scene.

    • Kidnapped In Iraq show

      Kidnapped In Iraq

      Kidnapped In Iraq is the true-life story about two journalists who are kidnapped and accused of spying for America.

    • Master of Deception show

      Master of Deception

      Master of Deception tells the real-life story about Zoe McGarry who was given an eight year jail sentence after being caught...