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  • Log Cabin Fever

  • Thursday, September 5th at 9:20pm HKT, 8:20pm BKK/JKT)
  • Nat Geo People


This series follows the lives of Charlie and his crew – all top-rate characters. And we discover how they find these old buildings, how they deconstruct them piece-by-piece, move them and eventually put them back together.


  • Log Cabin Fever: Another Brick in the Wall
    Charlie Norman comes from three generations' worth of professional masons, so when a client wants an antique wine cellar constructed, the Normans go digging for war-era bricks.
  • Log Cabin Fever: A Walk in the Woods
    The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, a recurring client of Charlie's, needs a reliable shelter constructed for weary hikers and campers trekking the Appalachian Trail.
  • Log Cabin Fever: A Cabin Within
    A ramshackle barn in Piney Flats holds a secret within its poison oak covered boards: an original two-story log cabin the owner would like to reclaim.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Beam Me Up, Charlie!
    Charlie and the crew are taking a trip into the mountains of Banner Elk, North Carolina in order to retrofit a modern home with a rustic timber frame interior.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Log Lessons
    Jack, an expert craftsman, is giving Charlie a lesson in hewing logs the old-fashioned way: with simple hand tools and a lot of elbow grease.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Cabins with a Side of Chaos
    Charlie and the crew travel deep into the hills of Sandy Mush to disassemble a 100-year-old cabin on a compound time forgot, but trouble seems to follow them at every turn.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Stand by Your Cabin Man
    Just when his inventory is beginning to run low, Charlie receives an unusual call from a man offering a barn full of disassembled barn wood.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Woes of Wooden Foundations
    Out in Church Hill, Tennessee, Vaux has a 100-year-old barn that is rotting from the ground up. Unwilling to tear it down completely, he brings in the log cabin crew.
  • Log Cabin Fever: History on The March
    Susan has purchased a piece of property in Jonesborough, but it has an old barn sitting in the way of her dream house.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Charlie Needs a Vacation
    Charlie heads to Lake Norman to renovate an antique log cabin turned vacation home. It's a gorgeous old lakeside cabin, but it has quite a few problems.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Log Cabin Lovebug
    Bobby and Laurena of Johnson City, Tennessee have become cabin collectors of a sort, and are hiring Charlie to move one of their historic structures.
  • Log Cabin Fever: Two Barns Become One
    Offered a unique job, Charlie and the crew travel across town to turn 200-year-old tobacco barns into one craftsmen's quarters.
  • Log Cabin Fever: There's No Place Like Home
    Having built so many beautiful log homes for his clients, Charlie has finally found the time to renovate his own home.