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The last decade has seen a revolution in manufacturing. A just in time economy means the products we love are being made on a massive scale in record time. While lightening logistics mean global trade and distribution happens faster than ever. This is the story of how some of today's biggest brands, from Tesla Cars to Gibson Guitars, from Tabasco Sauce to Space Rockets, are made in America


  • Made in a Day: Electric Cars
    Tesla reveal how high-tech automation and skill go into building the iconic Model 3 electric car.
  • Made in a Day: Electric Guitars
    Gibson Guitars reveal how high-tech machinery, hand crafting skills and global logistics combine to bring their electric guitars to the world's stage.
  • Made in a Day: Sneakers
    New Balance reveal how high-tech machinery, hand crafting skills and global logistics combine to bring their best-selling sneaker to feet.
  • Made in a Day: Helicopters
    Helicopters are the aircrafts at the frontlines of every major emergency See how they make the most widely sold, single engine chopper on the planet.
  • Made in a Day: Fire Trucks
    Fire trucks carry firefighters into battle every day. Pierce fire trucks build 18,000 of them from the ground up, every year. This is the story of how they are made.
  • Made in a Day: Whiskey
    This is the story of how Jack Daniels remains a liquor leader and how the global whisky market is now worth over 800 billion a year.
  • Made in a Day: Space Rockets
    With space offering affordable benefits to all, rocket launches are in global demand. This is the story of ULA's rocket production at the forefront of America's ambitions.
  • Made in a Day: Hot Sauce
    Chilli peppers from all over the globe are flown to a plantation in Louisiana and are made - using a family recipe - in to one of the most popular condiments, Tabasco. This is how.
  • Made in a Day: Tractors
    Tractor giant John Deere lifts the lid on how they combine heavy industry with cutting-edge tech to build huge tractors designed to feed the world.
  • Made in a Day: SUVs
    Off-road car giants Jeep reveal how they harness manpower and tech to build and ship thousands of their best-selling Wrangler every single day.
  • Made in a Day: Airplane Meals
    Gate Gourmet, the world's largest airline caterers, reveal how their chefs make thousands of meals every day for passengers flying from LAX.
  • Made in a Day: Satellites
    OneWeb Satellites reveal how space vehicle designers, manufacturing engineers and robotics combine to build and launch web satellites into space.