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In each of the action packed hours, Gordon Buchanan is on a personal and dangerous mission to really investigate a maneater—an animal that has killed or even eaten a human. But as populations of the planet's apex predators decrease, the number of attacks on humans increases. Buchanan wants to go to the places where man still battles beast and put himself 'directly in the path' of a predator to find out. Episodes include Wolf Hunt, Lion Attack, Tiger at Large and Killer Leopards.


  • Maneater Manhunt: Lion Attack
    Gordon travels to Tanzania, where lions have attacked over 1000 people in the past 20 years, to investigate the outbreaks of man-eating lions.
  • Maneater Manhunt: Killer Leopards
    Gordon sets off for India to investigate what makes leopards take humans as prey and to see if there are ways to avoid more attacks.
  • Maneater Manhunt: Tiger At Large
    Gordon travels to Nepal to learn about man-eating tigers, unlocking the myths and mysteries of the serial man-eater Nangara Pothi.
  • Maneater Manhunt: Wolf Hunt
    Gordon journeys to Alaska to investigate why wolves turn their interest to man and to learn why wolf and human must be kept apart.