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National Geographic Society
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  • Saturday, Dec 31st @ 10:00pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT


Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers, and they're smart. With the largest brain to body size of sharks and rays, these exceptionally graceful creatures are intelligent, recognise people, embark on extensive migrations, and demonstrate complex social behaviour. In Manta Mystery, join marine biologist Kathy Townsend as she reveals the secret world of the manta ray. Journey to manta hotspots in Mexico, Micronesia, the Maldives and Project Manta's base on Australia's Great Barrier Reef where Kathy and her team are finding there's more to manta rays than just an enormous fish. But, mantas are under threat, and this at a time when they could be key indicators of our rapidly changing world.


  • Manta Mystery
    Kathy Townsend reveals the secret world of the manta ray, which has the largest brain to body size of any living fish.