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  • Premieres Friday June 28th at 9:00 pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
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Man V's Monster's new season continues following adventurer and cinematographer, Richard Terry, as he investigates legends and tackles the truths of some of the most feared and cryptic species that exist on Earth.   In each episode Richard will begin by investigating a terrible animal myth, travelling to the source of the story to get eye-witness accounts before setting off on a quest to encounter the creature fueling the tales. On this adventure Richard will enlist the help of a variety of scientists and expert fixers as he ventures into some of the planets most inhospitable and testing environments.  In his search for real monsters, Richard must contend with natural obstacles, theoretical dead-ends and other nasty creatures that share the mystery animal's eco-system, forcing Richard out of his comfort zone and into the realm of his intended target.   Ultimately this is a quest to solve the riddles of the natural world that fill us with horror and dread.


  • Man v. Monster: Amazon Terror
    Follow Richard Terry to the Amazon rainforest, where he'll unearth the alarming truth of an eight-legged creature terrorizing jungle communities.
  • Man v. Monster: Flying Demon
    Richard Terry is heading to southern Mexico to investigate the attacks by giant carnivorous bats that are threatening the villagers.
  • Man v. Monster: Cold-Blooded Killers
    Richard Terry is on a quest to discover the massive, cold-blooded monster that is haunting Indonesia.
  • Man v. Monster: Man-Eating Menace
    Richard Terry journeys deep into the remote mangrove forests of Eastern India to investigate reports of man-eating Bengal tigers.
  • Man v. Monster: African Werewolf
    Richard Terry heads to Tanzania, where locals have made disturbing reports of a human-like beast attacking farmers on full moon night.
  • Man v. Monster: Winged Assassin
    Richard Terry heads to a remote Indonesian island chain to investigate reports of the Orang Bati, an elusive flying creature that attacks humans.
  • Man v. Monster: Mekong Flesh-Eater
    Richard Terry travels to Thailand’s Mekong River in search of a giant aquatic creature responsible for a string of horrendous attacks.
  • Man v. Monster: Amazon River Beast
    Richard Terry goes into the Brazilian Amazon in search of a fabled creature of immense size, responsible for a string of brutal attacks on villagers.
  • Man v. Monster: Brazilian Bigfoot
    Richard is back in Brazil to investigate a series of sightings of the mythical mapinguari - a tall, shaggy beast that attacks with little warning.