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"National Geographic Photographer Mike Yamashita sets out to visually document one of the greatest
overland journeys ever made: the 24-year odyssey of Marco Polo. "

In the course of this incredible journey Mike stumbles onto a nomadic Kazak wedding in Aksai and investigates
the controversy of the Great Wall - why did Polo never mention this in his famous travelogue ""The Description of the World""? And why did he never mention tea or chopsticks? Yamashita talks to noted Chinese historian Professor Liu Yingsheng about these and many other Polo conundrums. In Yunnan province, he visits the bound feet women, and travels to inner Mongolia to film the famous herds of the Mongolian horsemen. As Yamashita reaches Xanadu he ponders on how Polo became a trusted confidant to the Khan and spent 17 years in his service. What sights he must have seen. But did he? The mystery slowly but surely reveals itself.


  • Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed
    Did Marco Polo really make the journey? Follow Michael Yamashita's on his 'Marco Polo'. He attempts to answer questions from critics.