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  • Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 19:00
  • National Geographic


Megacities uncovers the rapid growth, new forms of spatial density of population, formal and informal economics as well as poverty, crime, and high levels of social fragmentation.

Megacities takes a revolutionary look at the places where most of us live: the modern Metropolis. Megacities focuses on the single aspect of a city's infrastructure which best informs the life and functions of that place. Each city is examined as an organism: living, breathing, and growing. In order to survive, these infrastructures must each function independently, and yet blend into a harmony of man, machine, strategy and system, which defines it as a mega city. Megacities examines the infrastructure of eight iconic locations around the world: Las Vegas, Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Mumbai and New York. Through dramatic storytelling, unparalleled access and sophisticated computer graphics blended seamlessly with live action, Megacities takes viewers beyond the monuments - and into the machinery - that is the true, living marvel of each mega city.


  • Megacities: Seoul: Unlocking The Grid
    On 1 July 2004, Seoul introduced a world’s first state-of-the-art transport system and carried out a citizen-oriented comprehensive traffic policy.
  • Megacities: Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, a tiny city which deems time as money. We will witness how this small city breaks the limits and grabs big rewards.
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  • Megacities: Mexico City
    We examine how Mexico City is harnessing cutting-edge technology to defy the destructive force of nature and to build in safety.
  • Megacities: Las Vegas
    The secret behind Las Vegas is not gambling, but electricity! We peel the city's skin to expose how it runs with power lines and electricity.
  • Megacities: London
    London deploys high-tech eyes everywhere to avoid accidents. We go behind the scenes to discover the watchers and the incredible technologies.
  • Megacities: Mumbai
    We reveal a formula improving the train system and safety issues, and also a solution to prevent transport paralysis in Mumbai, India.
  • Megacities: New York
    Megacities- New York follows the Subway's emergency management response team as they ensure the safety of both the riders and workers of the subway.
  • Megacities: Paris
    Follow Phillipe Bussignies and his team on a fantastic voyage in Paris to reveal noxious waste and technology through the fabled sewers of the city.
  • Megacities: Sao Paulo
    We discover how the government of Sao Paulo embarks on a green revolution by harnessing hectares of trash to produce energy.
  • Megacities: Taipei
    Taipei 101 towers over one of the world’s busiest cities, Taipei. We explore how it becomes a modern statement of power and prestige.
  • Megacities: Kaohsiung
    Kaohsiung in Taiwan is confronting the problems of global warming. Let’s look into how the city is bent on taking lead for energy conservation.
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  • Megacities: New York City
    Threats from subway breakdowns, flooding to terrorism may strike New York. We find out how the city keeps the heart beating and ensures its safety.
  • Megacities: Jakarta
    Regarded as the economic, cultural and political center of Indonesia, Jakarta is now facing the severe pollution and flooding issues from waterways.
  • Megacities: Kaohsiung
    Taiwan and cities like Kaohsiung are on the leading edge of carbon dioxide reduction technology, innovation and policy-making.