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This is the story of the battle to build a railway across one of the most extreme environments on Earth. To lay down over a thousand kilometres of track in a remote wilderness. To drive 7 tunnels and to raise 675 bridges all at an altitude where even a simple breath is nearly impossible to come by. 140,000 workers and 2000 medics struggled for 5 years to conquer this hostile environment to complete. the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the highest, most extreme railway in the world!


  • Megastructures: Extreme Railway: China
    The ultimate bridges to have built. All in China - Lupu, Runyang and Sutong. To build these structures engineers have to overcome enormous challenges.
  • Megastructures: Extreme Railway: Denmark To Sweden
    Travel from Denmark and Sweden on the world's longest bridge, the Oresund. See the challenges face to create this unique ten miles link.
  • Megastructures: Extreme Railway: Greece
    Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. Fraught with challenges - How did engineers overcame nature's worst.
  • Megastructures: Extreme Railway: Mega Mosque
    The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, constructed over the past twelve years contains both the worlds largest chandelier and the worlds biggest carpet.
  • Megastructures: Extreme Railway: Singapore's Vegas
    With its diversity of attractions and facilities and the ground-breaking design, Singapore's Marina Bay Sands is bound to become a timeless landmark.