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  • Every Sunday from July 1st at 10:00pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT


In his quest to save the world's big fish, aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan has wrangled what's currently the world's biggest known freshwater species, the Mekong Giant Catfish.  But is it really the biggest? We'll join Zeb as he travels the globe, seeking out the leading contenders in a quest to better understand them as he fights to protect them.  

It's a heart-pounding adventure as Zeb heads into some remote areas and wild waters, braving piranha, crocodiles, and a host of other hazards.  Along the way, he'll explore the local haunts and find out how these massive creatures figure into the local culture-the lore surrounding them, their role in the ecosystem, awesome physical features, strange behavior, and the surprising cycles of life that transform a thumb-sized larvae into a 400-pound beast. 


  • Monster Fish: Mongolian Terror Trout
    Zeb Hogan is on a mission to find and protect the Hucho Taimen, the world's largest freshwater fish found in the frigid rivers of Mongolia.
  • Monster Fish: Sawfish
    Join Zeb Hogan as he looks for the largest freshwater fish in Australia — the freshwater sawfish.
  • Monster Fish: Great White Sturgeon
    Meet close to the oldest river behemoth of North America: the white sturgeon.
  • Monster Fish: Giant Stingray
    Beneath the surface of central Thailand's rivers swim giant freshwater stingrays, and Zeb has a chance to dive with one for the very first time.
  • Monster Fish: Raging Amazon
    Aquatic ecologist Dr. Zeb Hogan teams up with kayaking experts to discover which monster fish lurks beneath the surface in Rio Roosevelt.
  • Monster Fish: River Invasion
    They are carp from Asia which can jump 10 feet in the air at the sound of a boat motor. They turn a day on the water into a boxing match
  • Monster Fish: Alien Catfish
    Aquatic ecologist Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to Spain in search of the Wels Catfish, a monster fish capable of growing to over eight feet in length.
  • Monster Fish: Alligator Gar
    We follow Zeb as he goes in search of one of North America's toothiest and most misunderstood monster fish: the alligator gar.
  • Monster Fish: Thai Eden
    Fish biologist and conservation expert, Zeb Hogan, travels to Thailand to discover why the country is home to so many giant freshwater fish species.
  • Monster Fish: Nile Giant
    We follow Zeb as he goes in search of Africa's biggest freshwater fish: the Nile perch.
  • Monster Fish: Ancient Beast
    Aquatic ecologist Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to midwestern United States in search of the paddlefish.
  • Monster Fish: Himalayan Terror
    Aquatic ecologist Dr Zeb Hogan is on a mission at the Himalayas to investigate disturbing reports of a mammoth catfish called Goonch.
  • Monster Fish: Mekong Mystery
    Zeb Hogan travels to Khone Falls in Laos looking for the ultimate fish superhighway to raise the importance of fisheries there.
  • Monster Fish: Kamchatka Salmon
  • Monster Fish: Oz Predator
  • Monster Fish: King of The Outback
    Fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan comes face to face with five giant predators in the Australian outback and see how they survive local harsh climate.
  • Monster Fish: Kamchatka Catch (aka Kamchatka Salmon)
    Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to Kamchatka, Russia's Far East, to explore the Salmon species and its habits.
  • Monster Fish: Oz Predator (aka King Of The Outback)
    Fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan comes face to face with five giant predators in the Australian outback and see how they survive local harsh climate.
  • Monster Fish: Murray Cod
  • Monster Fish: King Of The Outback (aka Oz Predator)
    Fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan comes face to face with five giant predators in the Australian outback to find out how they survive the harsh climate.
  • Monster Fish: Danger Down Under (aka Murray Cod)
    Dr. Zeb Hogan discovers why the aquatic Australian icon, the Murray Cod, has disappeared from its namesake waterway, the Murray River.
  • Monster Fish: Giant Eels
    Not all relationship models are similar. We follow people with unique love relationships such as non-human lovers and May-December romance.
  • Monster Fish: Vampire Fish
    In search of one of the freakiest fish in the world, Zeb heads into the heart of Guyana, South America to catch the locally known “vampire fish”.
  • Monster Fish: 400 Lb Super Stinger
    Zeb journeys to Argentina in quest of the short-tailed river ray, which has a surprise hidden in its tail and isn't going to show it without a fight.
  • Monster Fish: Giant Killer Catfish
    Zeb is in Albi in southern France, hoping to search for the giant wels catfish and to see what they eat to grow to its monstrous size.
  • Monster Fish: Shark Eating Goliath
    Equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and marine technology, Zeb hooks a colossal goliath grouper that is going to test his physical strength.
  • Monster Fish: Red, White And Huge!
    Zeb encounters ancient white sturgeon, enormous alligator gar and more freshwater giants on his tour across the US in search of the American monsters.
  • Monster Fish: Thai-Tanic Titans
    Teaming up with experts and applying local techniques, Zeb travels across Thailand to hunt down the biggest and baddest monster fish on the planet.
  • Monster Fish: The Monsters of Oz
    Zeb goes Down Under to find the deadliest Aussie assassin. From sawfish to river sharks, Australia is no place for the weak. Who will come out on top?
  • Monster Fish: Colossal Catches
    Take a tour around the world as Zeb is counting down his top ten biggest, toughest and most astonishing catches of all time.
  • Monster Fish: Freaks of Nature
    Prepare to get weird with some seriously strange monster fish as Zeb is on a mission to find some of the world's most bizarre freshwater beasts.
  • Monster Fish: World Class Giants
    On a six-continent journey around the globe, Zeb encounters the fascinating fish species that call some of the world’s strangest corners home.