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Mystery Files features high-end dramatic reconstructions of some of the worlds most famous and iconic mysteries that have inspired, intrigued and confounded experts for years.  From the tales of King Arthur and Robin Hood to Cleopatra and Anastasia, Mystery Files will attempt to discover the truth behind some of these legendary figures.
Unearthing new evidence and exploring new theories, each programme will look into a different mystery and test its validity.  Using expert interviews and corroborating experiments, the key elements of each story will be investigated using the latest techniques and technology. They will be analysed by a group of ten internationally renowned specialists in their field.


  • Mystery Files: Rasputin
    Historians reinvestigate the official autopsy photographs and use advanced ballistic evidence to unravel who really shot Rasputin.
  • Mystery Files: Joan Of Arc
    Divine messenger, witch or warrior? We analyze the miraculous life of Joan of Arc.
  • Mystery Files: Nostradamus
    Putting Nostradamus' predictions to the test, we unravel the methods behind his uncanny powers, taking us into the secret world of medieval astrology.
  • Mystery Files: Jack The Ripper
    One of the greatest unsolved murder cases of all time, we look into the most infamous name in English criminal history, Jack the Ripper.
  • Mystery Files: Royal Murder
    Investigative techniques have thrown King Richard III’s guilt into doubt, exposing multiple other suspects in the disappearance of King Edward V.
  • Mystery Files: Leonardo Davinci
    Using cutting edge laser technology to analyze what lies behind his painting, Mona Lisa, this investigation delves deep into the genius of da Vinci.
  • Mystery Files: Man In The Iron Mask
    This is the shocking story of King Louis XIV, afraid of the threat his twin brother poses to his crown, locks him inside an iron mask.
  • Mystery Files: Billy The Kid
    One of the most infamous outlaws of the American Wild West is Billy the Kid - a teenage killer who terrorizes New Mexico.
  • Mystery Files: Abraham Lincoln
    We reveal the extraordinary impact of his early life as a rural farmer on his later actions as President.
  • Mystery Files: Cleopatra
    Legend says Cleopatra achieved power & status through her beauty but scholars are investigating a range of other factors that made her so successful.
  • Mystery Files: Sitting Bull
    Sitting Bull: the chief who defied the US authorities and led the American Indians in a major massacre of US soldiers. Is this legend really true?
  • Mystery Files: Captain Kidd
    Captain William Kidd is an all-time famous pirates in history. What is the truth behind his legendary stories?
  • Mystery Files: Lawrence Of Arabia
    Discover the battle over territory that has plagued the western world and Arab states by charting the arguments for and against Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Mystery Files: Alexander The Great
    Alexander The Great is world-famous for being the military genius. What happened to Alexander's body? Does it still exist?
  • Mystery Files: Marco Polo
  • Mystery Files: Zorro
    Follow us in exploring how the life of a mysterious man from Catholic Ireland parallels the adventures of the fictional Zorro.
  • Mystery Files: Pope Joan
    Retracing her footsteps, and searching through the archives, follow us in investigating the mystery of Pope Joan.
  • Mystery Files: Hitler
    Follow us in using the latest neurological research to evaluate how Hitler became a monster of a century.
  • Mystery Files: Saladin
    Follow us in exploring the details of the great military commanders, Saladin ‘s victories and how his legend spread.
  • Mystery Files: Taj Mahal
    Using archaeological evidence and historical analysis, the Mystery Files put the myth of the Black Taj under scrutiny to reveal the magical truth.
  • Mystery Files: Jesus
    Revealling much of what we think we know of the Nativity is more the result of misinterpretation, historical confusion, folklore and tradition.
  • Mystery Files: Robin Hood
    Unpicking the folklore to separate fact from fiction, historians are exposing the man behind the myth – Robin Hood.
  • Mystery Files: King Arthur
    Piecing together clues and fragments of surviving documents dating back 1500 years, we investigate if a real King Arthur ever did exist.
  • Mystery Files: The Romanovs
    With unique access to previously unpublished secret reports, leading forensic scientists extract evidence from the Russian Tsar’s degraded bones.