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This is a series about heroes - men who stand up and fight when everything seems lost. It's a series about brilliant generals, ferocious warriors and individual selfless acts of courage. Hundreds of thousands owe their lives to the people featured in these films.

Told exclusively through their personal stories, this series recreates the suicidal raids, fantastic rearguard actions, back-to-the-wall fighting and mass evacuations. Among them:

The top-secret mission led by James Doolittle in the Pacific. They flew even though they knew their bombers didn't have enough fuel to get them back to safety.

Trooper Ronald Moore who led his men through miles and miles of desert back to headquarters when trapped behind enemy lines in the Sahara.

Wilhelm Stemmerann, the monocle-wearing German general, who led his men in a desperate rearguard action. He died so that hundreds of thousands of his troops could escape.

The battalion of black soldiers who were surrounded, down to their last 10 rounds, and yet who helped win the Battle of the Bulge. WMR has exclusive access to unseen archives and interviews on the defence of Bastogne by the 333rd.

The unassuming merchant shipper who piloted his oil tanker through German attacks for six days into Malta - all of it captured on previously unseen colour film.


  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : The Amiens Raid
    On February 18th, 1944, the RAF launched one of its most daring and secret operations of the Second World War.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : The Doolittle Raid
    This is the story of one of the most daring bombing raids of World War Two, told through the eyes of some of those who took part. The time is early 1942.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Wingate & The Chindits
    In 1943, Orde Wingate was an extraordinary British General who took the fight to the Japanese as they appeared to be planning an invasion of India.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : The Black Battalion
    When Hitler launched his last desperate bid to break out and seize Europe again in December, it was a complete surprise.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Lucky Laycock's Escape From Crete
    On 20th May, 1941, German forces attacked the island of Crete in the largest airborne assault of the war.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Manstein Holds The Line
    Spring 1943 and the German army on the Eastern Front was in deep trouble.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : The Siege of Kohima
    Outnumbered by ten to one, a tiny garrison of British and Indian soldiers stood firm against the might of the Imperial Japanese Army.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Roy Urquhart Escapes From Arnhem
    It was the biggest airborne assault in history - 40,000 men would descend on occupied Holland in a bid to end the war by Christmas.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Morshead Holds Tobruk
    'Morshead holds Tobruk' tells the heroic story of Australian General Leslie Morshead and his brilliant defence of Tobruk.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Evacuation In The Baltic
    In early 1945 nearly two million people were trapped in the German enclave of East Prussia by the advancing Red Army.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Moore's March
    300 miles from allied lines, in the searing heat of the Saharan desert, four men faced a terrible choice.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Operation Pedestal
    For the Axis powers in 1942, control of the Mediterranean was vital.
  • Narrow Escapes of WWII : Breakout Through Hell's Gate
    Marshal Georgiy Zhukov was a brilliant Russian General. He had masterminded the carnage of Stalingrad and now it looked like he had done it again.