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Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers, and they're smart. With the largest brain to body size of sharks and rays, these exceptionally graceful creatures are intelligent, recognise people, embark on extensive migrations, and demonstrate complex social behaviour.

In Manta Mystery, join marine biologist Kathy Townsend as she reveals the secret world of the manta ray. Journey to manta hotspots in Mexico, Micronesia, the Maldives and Project Manta's base on Australia's Great Barrier Reef where Kathy and her team are finding there's more to manta rays than just an enormous fish. But, mantas are under threat, and this at a time when they could be key indicators of our rapidly changing world.


  • Nat Geo Presents: Manta Mystery: Source of Life
    It's one of the least known rivers on earth - yet it flows for over 3,500 kilometres and belongs to six countries. Filmed throughout the changing seasons we follow the Upper Zambezi from its headwaters to the majestic, thundering Victoria Falls. Along the way, we witness the amazing spectacles of wildlife that depend upon the river for life, and we meet the tribes that have lived with the river for centuries.
  • Nat Geo Presents: Manta Mystery: River Untamed
    The Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa, and along its course and its many changing moods it is a haven and a resource for wild animals and humans alike. In Part 2 of Zambezi, we travel downriver starting at Victoria Falls, until finally the river flows out into the Indian Ocean. And as we travel, we learn the story of a river that has been changed by the force of humanity, for at Kariba its flow has been harnessed into hydroelectric energy. The story of the Zambezi is one of constant change, of life and death - it is the story of Africa itself.
  • Nat Geo Presents: Manta Mystery: JFK: The Lost Bullet
    It's been called the most important piece of film evidence of all time. Locked away in the vaults of the National Archives, the original Zapruder film that captured the vital 11 seconds of President John F Kennedy's assassination sits tattered and untouchable. For nearly 50 years investigators have poured over crude copies of this extraordinary film for clues as to what really took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The film, in its myriad and often clandestine incarnations, has been presented as conclusive evidence to support just about every conceivable theory of the assassination.
  • Nat Geo Presents: Manta Mystery: Salmon Wars
    Salmon Wars celebrates one of the world's most incredible animals, with a remarkable and vital role in sustaining millions of square kilometers of diverse ecosystems - and whose imminent disappearance will have profound effects for the richness of life in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon Wars is the story of a creature at once resilient and fragile, manipulated and wild. It is one of the nature stories of our time - not just of what we destroy, but how we try to save.