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Heinrich Himmlers 17th-century ancestor was burned as a witch. Adolf
Hitler may have believed he himself was Jewish. Erwin Rommel deserted
the mother of his illegitimate child. Albert Speer was a pathological liar 
and it saved his life. The Führer pretended to be poor but amassed a huge private fortune. Hitler fascinated women and was fascinated by them;
especially the young and vulnerable. All these rigorously fact-checked
revelations throw a genuine new light on the nature of the Nazi regime…


  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Henchman
    This film investigates new insights into decisive questions and seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the person Heinrich Himmler.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Desert Fox
    Towards the end of the war, a rift between him and the Führer emerged, resulting in a forced suicide.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Women
    Amazing new insights into Hitlers personal relationships with women and their roles in his life.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Architect
    Albert was Hitler's personal architect and successful armaments minister, who convinced the world of his innocence of the Holocaust.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Money
    Adolf Hitler's rise to power would not have been possible without his immense wealth.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Family
    Part of the cult around Hitler, forged and supported by the Nazi-propaganda machine, was the myth of the prophet who had come from nothing to make history.
  • Nazi Underworld: The Hess Enigma
    On the 17th of August 1987, Hitler's former deputy Rudolf Hess commits suicide in prison. Did he really kill himself or was he murdered?
  • Nazi Underworld: Patient Hitler
    We give an exclusive and surprising insight into a previously unknown side of Hitler. Was he mentally and physically well enough to lead Germany?
  • Nazi Underworld: The Ghost of U-513
    What exactly happened to German U-boat U-513 has remained a mystery. We piece together puzzle of its final mission for the truth revelation.
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Gold
    Members of the Nazi regime go about hiding their immense riches in the Alps. What happened to these hidden Nazi treasures?
  • Nazi Underworld: Deadly Missions
    We take a fresh look at some of the most notable secret missions of World War II, including the 1943 Gran Sasso mission to free Benito Mussolini.